A Voice from Hebron -- November 16, 1999

When one Begins to Praise his Enemies,
He ends up Condemning his Heroes

By Gary M. Cooperberg

When the Israeli government began to embark upon the road of self-deception which literally saw it recognize the efforts of Arafat and the PLO to obliterate the Jewish State as just and righteous, it opened the door to its own condemnation of Jewish heros as a natural consequence. How is it conceivable that, a mere ten years ago, everyone understood that Yassir Arafat and the PLO were terrorist murderers whose very existence was for the purpose of destroying the Jewish state, and today all seem to have forgiven and forgotten what they really are and treat them as "peace partners"? The self-hating Jews who blame former Prime Minister Netanyahu for the murder of Rabin and chant, "We will not forgive and we will not forget", are the first to forgive and forget the atrocities of Yassir Arafat and the PLO, and hail them as diplomats and lovers of peace.

In reaction to the efforts of Ron Cohen of the Meretz party, the Israeli Supreme court ruled that it is legal to desecrate the grave of Dr. Baruch Goldstein who is alleged to have shot down enemies of the Jewish People in the Cave of Machpelah and was himself brutally murdered there. Cohen created a law against glorifying terrorists, thus making it "illegal" to build monuments and the like to terrorists. The fact is that Dr. Goldstein was never convicted of being a terrorist or a murderer. He has been consistently labeled by Israeli courts and the press as a "murderer", yet he was never proven to have committed murder. The fact that he is called a "murderer" in and of itself is an illegal act of slander and libel which should punished by the courts (who themselves are guilty of this crime).

The fact that everyone knows but few have the courage to discuss is that Yitzchak Rabin, who never lifted a finger against an Arab, was responsible for the cold blooded murder of Jews as the commander of those who fired upon the Altelena, shooting his fellow Jews like ducks in a pond as they were swimming ashore. Certainly this dastardly act deserves even more condemnation than that given to Dr. Goldstein who gave his own life while allegedly shooting enemies of the Jewish people. Yet there is no self-righteous Ron Cohen to demand that Rabin's grave be desecrated in a similar manner to what he seeks to do to Goldstein's.

Last night, on Israeli television, Yossi Sarid haughtily condemned all of Kiryat Arba for not condemning Dr. Goldstein strongly enough for his liking. He declared that anyone who did not fully and completely condemn such an act of terror himself deserved condemnation. This is the same Yossi Sarid who personally embraces Yassir Arafat and his henchmen. The hypocrisy is enough to make anyone sick.

Our rabbis tell us that "He who is merciful unto the cruel is destined to be cruel unto the merciful." What better description can we find to describe those pitiful creatures who presume to lead the Jewish State today? Last night's headline speaks for itself, "Israel wants to give, but the PLO doesn't want to take." Israel has no self-pride and is willingly trying to give away our homeland. The PLO, on the other hand, is not prepared to accept a symbolic gesture. They want a full victory. Thus they have refused to accept the agreed upon five percent surrender in the hope that they can get the United States to pressure us into giving them more. . . without one shot being fired. Wars we can win, but with this peace we are big time losers.

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