Excerpt from Friday's Sermon on the Temple Mount

Al Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem
Friday 27-Rajab-1420, 5 November 1999

"The Muslims neglect to mention how sinful those Muslims are who "make peace" with the Jews, the occupiers of this Mosque, or those Muslims who take these Jews as friends and supporters.

The Muslims neglect to mention to their rulers how the Jews are occupying not only al-Quds (ed: Jerusalem) but the whole blessed land from the (Mediterranean) sea to the (Jordan) river, that this land as a whole is a blessed Islamic occupied land. The liberation of this land by Jihad is the responsibility of all Muslims, and not only the people of Palestine.

This land has been an Islamic land ever since the Prophet Muhammad had made his journey by night to its Mosque, and since the Khalifah Omar had opened it, and ever since it was liberated by the Muslim Kurdish leader Salahud'deen al Ayyoubi.

This land is an Islamic land with their being no difference between al-Quds or Haifa, or between Lod or Asqalan - for which the Prophet Muhammad called the pride of Paradise and in another hadeeth he said about her "May Allah send his Mercy on the people of the graveyard" in Asqalan. The Prophet Muhammad said this even before this land was opened by Muslims. So this land will remain Islamic land until the Day of Doom. This reality will not be changed even if some of the traitorous rulers have given up the land and signed treaties for that purpose.

Not only was al-Quds the source of great Islamic scholars like Ibn Qudama alMaqdisi, but Nablus was also the origin of great Muslim Scholars like Abdul Ghani alNabulsi and Asqalan her son the great scholar Ibn Hajar al Asqalany, with yet still many more from other cities in this blessed land. There are great virtues for this land that I will not mention because they are so many, and because I do not want to sound like a man who defends patriotism. Rather we are ideological Muslims that demand that Islam be given the rule in this land and in every other Islamic land.

I remind you all, and I remind the rulers with what Omar Ibn alAhss said to the son of Heracules when Omar was on his way to open this land: The son of Heracules, whose name was Palestine, said to Omar Ibn alAhss: Oh the prince of Arabs, we are cousins so why should we fight? This land that we are fighting for was shared by our fathers and our grandfathers, so we had taken what we had taken and you had taken what you had taken. What was the reply of Omar Ibn alAhss? He replied: I have nothing to do with this relationship that you claim. But I came today with regards to this unfair "distribution of estate" that you have talked about and I am coming today to correct it.

The liars and the traitors (your rulers) in the 20th century claim that there is a relationship of cousins between us and the Jews. They are telling you that Rabin, Peres and Netanyahu are your cousins. I say to them - wait, the new Omar Ibn al Ahss is coming soon to correct the situation even after all these treaties and treason with the Jews. He will liberate all of Palestine from the Sea to the River as well as other Islamic lands. We hope that Allah will make al-Quds (ed: Jerusalem) the new capital of the Islamic Khilafah State."

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