The aid earmarked for implementation of the Wye Surrender Agreement was passed in the House this morning. Apparently the Israeli leadership has sold out the Jewish People's birthright in Judea and Samaria for $1.3 billion and plans to sell the Golan for $20 billion. There may already be secret negotiations to sell the rest of Israel to a conglomerate of Arabs, Europeans and Americans. Perhaps $100 billion will be the price for the illegal sale of the Jewish State. The Freeman Center will continue to inform our readers that Eretz Yisrael belongs to Am Yisrael (the People of Israel) in perpetuity. The disposal of that Land by Rabin, Peres, Netanyahu, and Barak constitutes the sale of stolen property and someday proper judicial charges will be brought against them.


A peace criminal is a person or organization that uses the eternal seductive lure of peace to aid the enemies of Israel, who wish to destroy or replace her and expel or exterminate its Jewish population. Peace Now is the preeminent example of a peace criminal organization. In the near future we will present a full discussion of the peace criminal, their organizations, and propose legislation to end their depredations on Israel and the Jewish people.

....... Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

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