By Emanuel A. Winston

Despite a Herculean effort by the Israeli GSS (General Security Services), the Labor Party, the Courts, the suspicious events surrounding Yitzhak Rabin's assassination are beginning to surface.

While the investigative journalist, Barry Chamish, has been the most persistent gadfly on this issue, his questions have been fudged over by a flurry of counter accusations attacking him as to his objectivity. However, the questions he raises are reasonable and not wild accusations as contended by those who seem most involved or those who have the most to lose. His book "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin: The Shocking Treachery that Altered the Face of History" (1) (A Must-Read Book!)

But, now something quite extraordinary has occurred. Dahlia Rabin-Philosoff, daughter of the late Prime Minister, now a Member of Knesset, shares her doubts about the Government's explanations about his death in an interview with the writer Sarit Yishai-Levi for the Olam Ha-Isha magazine. She speaks about questions raised in conversations with her mother, Leah Rabin, which occurred immediately after the assassination. She asks who shouted: "These are blanks!" Why didn't the Shamgar Commission determine who shouted that the shots fired were blank cartridges?

(Later Dalia finds this reminiscent of the Kennedy assassination and of how Oswald was immediately murdered.) She goes on to question why they separated her mother from her father when Leah Rabin was driven away in a different car while Rabin was driven to the hospital. "Why," Dalia asks, "did they tell her (mother) this was an exercise?" "Why didn't they kill the assassin?" She speaks of Channel Two investigative reporter Matti Cohen, who told her of his findings. But his report was never shown to the public and she describes a suitcase of documents which were shown to her. (2)

Even Leah Rabin (upon her return from Oslo) has now publically admitted that there were still many unanswered questions surrounding the death of her husband. In an interview on November 3rd by Dalia Yairi on Kol Yisrael, Channel 2, Leah Rabin made that remarkable comment in response to a fax from Nadia Matar and the Women in Green. (3) Their doubts were echoed by her brother, Yuval Rabin, in a radio interview later in the day.(4) I think Leah, Dalia and Yuval Rabin can expect a visit from high personages, first from Israel and then from the U.S., pleading with them to no longer make public statements on Rabin's death.

Some may recall that Rabin was killed just before the probable early elections. Oslo was not doing well with the public. 78% of the public wanted a National Referendum to authorized the continuation of the "Peace Process" and Rabin was being booed at rallies. Rabin's chances for re-election were at substantial risk and he was showing signs of disillusionment over Arafat's non-compliance with the Oslo agreements. More than 300 Jews were murdered since Oslo and it looked like Netanyahu would win the next elections with his theme of "Peace with Security."

Shimon Peres and Bill Clinton had a lot on the line politically as they pushed their "Peace Process." If ever the need for political dirty tricks were needed to win an election , that was the time. A sensationally staged but an unsuccessful assassination attempt would have done wonders for Rabin's political standing before the elections. Recall that the GSS reported directly to Rabin through then GSS Head Carmi Gillon (who has just been hired to run the Peres Peace Center). Recall also that at that time the GSS had Avishai Raviv (code-named "Champagne") employed as an 'Agent Provocateur' inciting young people to violence and acting as if he were someone from the political right. Raviv had been reported as having been in the employ of the GSS for eight years and was hardly an unknown to the planning circles of Labor or Prime Minister Rabin.

Shimon Peres, Rabin's wife Leah, daughter Dalia and the entire machinery of the Labor Party vilified the Right, the settlers and the religious, for these incendiary incidents that GSS agent Raviv set up. But it was Raviv, their employee acting as an "Agent Provocateur," who was harassing the Arabs; it was Raviv who printed the posters of Rabin in an SS Gestapo Nazi uniform and then had some kids pose with it after Raviv prompted the TV announcer to film them - with Bibi in the distant background as if he approved. The film staging was clever because it gave the viewer a sense that Netanyahu was orchestrating the event, even though he couldn't see the poster from the second floor balcony.

The Right was blamed, with Labor Leftist newspapers chiming in and blaming Netanyahu. They defamed as radical those on the Right, i.e., those who opposed Oslo and a failing "Peace Process" which entailed giving away land to the PLO with no reciprocation. The Left through the accommodating Media, beat the drums labeling the Right as opponents of Peace. Their campaign was successful but, with the death of Rabin, this vicious campaign of vilification took a quantum leap to the extreme.

The Shamgar Commission never bothered to investigate how posters condemning the Right for Rabin's assassination came to be printed, distributed almost overnight - as if they were expecting such an attempt to be made.

When Rabin was assassinated, all the previously built up anger against the Right for what Raviv, had done, as well as others in the employ of Labor and the GSS boiled over. Leah Rabin was shamelessly used, as was her daughter to display their grief and anger against the Right. The Right and Netanyahu denied their accusation of incitement, but the shouts of the Left and the very controlled media overcame any denials. Many of the citizens of Israel were led to believe that the assassination of Rabin was due to incitement by the Right. People were being hauled in for questioning if they were overheard in public, questioning the "Peace Process" or commenting on politicians from the Left because every word of dissent or disapproval or disagreement with the "Peace Process" was labeled 'incitement'.

But now, four years later, many people are beginning to see that maybe it was Labor and the GSS who just may have arranged it all. Avishai Raviv, who should have gone to trial four years ago, was protected by the GSS and only now has there been one feeble attempt to bring him to trial. But, even here, they have managed to postpone the trial. The charges arranged now by Atty. Gen. Elaykim Rubenstein are so minimal that even if Raviv were convicted, the deeper truths would remain hidden.

Perhaps, Raviv will never reach the witness stand if it is up to Attorney General Rubenstein, the GSS, the Labor Government and a Supreme Court which has shown itself inclined to promote Leftist positions politically. Even the renowned former Chief Justice Meir Shamgar who conducted the Rabin assassination investigation in a closed court is under suspicion for what now appears as a very thin or else manipulated investigation.

Closed hearings in Israel are a favored method of guiding the outcome in politically sensitive cases. Only what is leaked or offered to the Media allows the public to judge for itself. When the Courts conspire with the Government and the Media leans to the Left, the truth is hard to find.

But, in another startling exposť which the Court ordered suppressed, a document has made its way into the public which tells the minutes of a meeting where the discussion revolved around suppression of evidence on Avishai Raviv. (5)

Even Rabin's daughter, with the official status of a member of Knesset asks why Shamgar never bothered to find the GSS agent who shouted "They're blanks!" Later, MK Dahlia Rabin-Philosoff recounts her mother's confusion when the GSS agent would not allow her to accompany her husband to the hospital. Instead, they put her in another car, assuring her "everything was OK and the "attempted" assassination was only an exercise!

More questions arose from a supposedly amateur video film made of the shooting by Roni Kempler who worked for the State Controller's Office and as a body guard in the Army Reserves. Why did Rabin's security detail allow him to film from a nearby roof top? In his film Kempler shows Rabin being shot from a meter away from his back - but the GSS report says he was shot at point blank range. However, there were no powder fragments on Rabin's jacket which should occur at that range. Nor did Rabin show any signs of being hit, except to look back at the sound of a shot.

He was supposed to have had his spine shattered (according to the first pathology report) but the film showed him taking several steps into the car. A shattered spine causes instant collapse. The first pathology surgeon's report speaks about other bullet holes in the front of Rabin's body, and then the next day the report is altered. This is reminiscent of the Kennedy magic bullet that traveled in so many different directions.

Later, his GSS driver Yoav Kuriel was reported to have committed suicide - except he was killed by several shots, not consistent with suicide. Then his body was buried in a closed casket which is inconsistent with a Jewish burial - even forbidden. His burial was also conducted in secret. (6)

For many, it appeared that a politically inspired, staged assassination turned into the real thing. The next questions are: Who could have arranged the switch from blank bullets to real ones or were the fatal shots actually fired in the car? Who benefitted politically? Who had so much invested in the process of Oslo that a Prime Minister with qualms about the give-aways would better serve the "Peace Process" and the coming election as a dead martyr?

There has always been suspicion that this was intended to be merely an unsuccessful assassination attempt in order to elevate the flagging prospects of Rabin's reelection. But, something went wrong - not by accident, but by intent. Rabin had become disenchanted with the Olso Peace Process initiated by Peres, possibly in cooperation with foreign interests (U.S., E.U., U.N., et al), denials notwithstanding. A dead Rabin with Peres as his automatic successor, would allow Oslo to continue. Oslo was the main overriding objective of Peres and Clinton. Would the death of one man stand in the way of a regional plan, supported by economic interests in the U.S. and Europe? I don't think so. The subsequent government explanation and the follow-on investigation were so deliberately botched that no thinking person could accept the published results.

Sometimes an event does not come into focus until you back away and see what happened before the event and then what followed. Look back to 1983, when Rabin, Peres and other Labor Party leaders met illegally with Yassir Arafat to cut a deal which was later the basis of Oslo. Then and in between we see the American policy of appeasing the Arabs - driven by the U.S. Arabists in the State Department playing a powerful role.

Now, look forward to Clinton's later attempt to virtually buy the election for Shimon Peres. When that failed, greater forces and money were marshaled to denigrate and delegitimate Binyamin Netanyahu, assisting his fall from office, while again pouring great amounts of American money and expertise into buying power for Ehud Barak. From 1983 to 1999 the prime objective was the so-called "Peace Process" (Note! Not Peace but the "Process") even when Peace no longer played a role. Nothing would stand in the way of this political initiative.

The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, while spectacular and tragic in itself, was merely one event in a chain of events. Dear Reader, when some expert in disinformation tells you conspiracy theories are merely fantasy, take them to the local library and pick out any history book at random. Turn to any page and you will see that every scintilla of history was 'merely' a conspiracy of men to take power, to destroy the status quo of others in power and to rule as they wished. Look at today's newspapers and TV. See the power struggles of China, Russia, Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt - all submerged in conspiracies to take power. And then track the Clintons. That is an instructive lesson in conspiracy to gain power. So whatever 'geniuses' tell you that conspiracies are the exception, not the rule, just laugh in their faces.

I strongly recommend you read the book "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin: The Shocking Treachery that Altered the Face of History" by Barry Chamish. He details the questions which were so sensitive, that one of Israel's largest bookstores, Steimatskys, was pressured by the current government to remove the book from view. Public pressure, even from the Left, forced the book store to once again put it out on display. The Rabin family members are at long last asking the questions that have troubled many of us for the last four years. It will be difficult if it turns out that the "friends" around them conspired to assassinate Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister, husband and father. It will take remarkable courage for Leah Rabin who has so brutally condemned Netanyahu and the Right to face this reality.

There are more questions than answers. Who will answer them?

The Freeman Center has a limited number of copies of this book, Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin: The Shocking Treachery that Altered the Face of History" by Barry Chamish. It is available for sale to our readers for $12.95 + $3.00 postage and handling. Please mail your check to the our address above.


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Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst & commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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