The Freeman Center has finally received an accurate translation of David Ben-Gurion's famous speech on the right of the Jewish People to Eretz Yisrael. Our thanks for this go to Howard Grief who has worked tirelessly to establish this legal principle. A careful reading would indicate that the actions Israeli Prime Ministers from Begin to Barak was not in keeping with Zionist principles, Jewish rights or international law.

The Arabs under Yasser Arafat, being a non-nation with no history of their own, chose in 1974 to adopt Ben-Gurion's principle as the "policy of stages." They are legally committed to achieve full sovereignty over the Land of Israel (Palestine) beginning with whatever territory comes under their control. Peres and Rabin were instrumental in starting them out on their planned successful "redemption of the phony state of Palestine." This would lead to the destruction of the legal state of Israel....Bernard J. Shapiro


Ben-Gurion's Declaration on the exclusive and inalienable
Jewish Right to the whole of the Land Of Israel
at the Basle Session of the 20
th Zionist Congress at Zurich (1937)

(English Translation Reprinted with commentary from "A Petition To Annul The Interim Agreement", by Howard Grief, published by ACPR, Number 77 page 95)

No Jew is entitled to give up the right of establishing [i.e. settling] the Jewish Nation in [all of] the Land of Israel. No Jewish body has such power. Not even all the Jews alive today [i.e. the entire Jewish People] have the power to cede any part of the country [or homeland] whatsoever. This is a right* vouchsafed or reserved for the Jewish Nation throughout all generations. This right cannot be lost or expropriated under any condition [or circumstance]. Even if at some particular time, there are those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have no power nor competence to deprive coming generations of this right. The Jewish Nation is neither bound nor governed by such a waiver or renunciation. Our right to the whole of this country is valid, in force and endures forever. And until the Final Redemption has come, we will not budge from this historic right.

It is apparent from Ben-Gurion's above words that though he had already accepted the concept of partition as a pressing necessity, in order to establish the Jewish State, his real goal, as stated, was always the unification of all parts of the Land of Israel, under Jewish sovereignty. Partition served only as a transitory or interim step in the realization of the ultimate goal to win possession of the entire country for the Jewish Nation. Though he never realized this goal during his long service as Prime Minister, he nevertheless implanted this notion of eventual unification of the Land of Israel into the State's constitutional structure and made it the law of the land to be enforced whenever additional parts of that land would be liberated by the Israel Defence Forces. It may therefore be safely assumed that in the absence of any serious military threat to Israel's security, Ben-Gurion, had he been in power in 1967 and guiding the nation's destiny, would never have sacrificed this aspiration after its very accomplishment, no matter what the counter-considerations may have been, such as making possible peace treaties with Arab states or the more inhibiting Arab demographic question, which proved less serious than first anticipated. It is most likely then that Judea, Samaria and Gaza would have been annexed to the State by Ben-Gurion as Prime Minister as soon as effective possession of these lands had been obtained, under the very law he himself had created for that purpose, namely the Area of Jurisdiction and Powers Ordinance. One need only look at what Ben-Gurion did in 1948 while at the height of his power when he annexed all parts of the Land of Israel that the IDF had liberated, to confirm the truth of this statement, despite what others have tendentiously imputed to him after he retired from active public life. 

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