By Elyakim Ha'etzni

In anticipation of the new "summit" in Washington - Clinton, Barak, Arafat – here is a remainder from Barak's chapter in the ongoing tragedy called Oslo.

Immediately after the Sharm-a-Sheikh meeting, Foreign Minister David Levy was heard to mutter in astonishment that "the ink is hardly dry on the Sharm Agreement and already the Palestinians are taking positions that are contrary to the spirit of peace."

We can add that the cognac was still in the glasses and the hors d'oeuvres that Barak served to Arafat at their intimate meeting were still fresh and already the PLO controlled newspaper "Alchiat El Jadida" printed a caricature of a scorpion strangling a Palestinian with one claw named "Likud-Netanyahu" and the other named "Labor-Barak".

The reason for all this can be found in Arafat's United Nations speech that so angered Levy. Arafat spoke of UN Resolution 194 calling for the right of return of four million refugees to "their homeland after the holocaust that happened to us fifty-one years ago."

Arafat specifically referred to the refugees of 1948, those that left the area now within the Green Line. He threatened that if they are not allowed to return there "will be neither peace nor stability in the Middle East." In other words, after Yesha becomes a Palestinian state with Jerusalem its capital, Arafat is still promising us war and terror.

He also referred to UN Resolution 188 that calls for a Palestinian State within the 1947 borders. This includes Acre, Nazareth, Ramle, Lod, Jaffa, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer Sheba, Kiryat Gat and the Jerusalem Corridor. It is now obvious why Arafat is demanding an extraterritorial "safe passage" through these 1947 borders.

Arafat is not fooling us- we are fooling ourselves. Since the Oslo Agreement Arafat has continuously made reference to UN Resolutions 188 and 194, either specifically or under the heading of "all UN resolutions."

The so-called Peace Camp in Israel refuses to believe that Arafat is talking about 1948 and not 1967. "Cancelling the results of 1967" is only a step towards nullifying the results of 1948. This is the original sin of the Oslo Agreement - it has brought into our home the man who most represents the Arab "Nakba-tragedy" of 1948. Arafat is like the captain of a ship who was allowed to leave for the "promised land" on a lifeboat called Oslo, together with his cronies, while abandoning the rest of the travelers. It is as though Nelson Mandela had been offered the office of President of South Africa on the condition that he continues the policy of apartheid.

Speaking to forty Arab diplomats at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm in 1996, Arafat said "we will make life insufferable for the Jews by psychological warfare and population growth...within five years we will be 6-7 million Arabs in the West Bank and Jerusalem. If the Jews can import Ethiopians, Russians, Ukrainians and Uzbekians as Jews, we can import all kinds of Arabs...our program is to destroy the Jewish state and replace it with a pure Arab state. At least a million rich Jews will run away to America and take reparations..."

Even Ran Edelist from Israel's far left, warns of the "awakening of Palestinian nationalism in Jordan in parallel with the institution of Palestinian sovereignty on the West Bank...Palestine will become the state of the Jordanian Palestinians. This could result in a Palestinian state stretching from the border of Iraq to Tulkarem." And west of Tulkarem? A million Palestinians holding Israeli citizenship! To understand what this means, we need only recall the recent murder of two innocent Jews in Megiddo forest - and the recent terror-bombings by Israeli Arabs.

The PLO internet site and the PLO media continuously refer to the "418 villages destroyed by Israel in 1948". President Clinton publicly advocated the return of the refugees to Israel proper. That is probably the reason that the Peace Camp no longer talks of "peace" but instead speaks only of a "long-term intermediate agreement".

A Palestinian state in Yesha will be, by its very nature, the basis of demands to implement UN Resolutions 188 and 194. But Palestinian "demands" are invariably backed by threats of violence, international pressure, terror and war. Barak must reconsider whether his proposal of "land for a long-term intermediate agreement" is worth the harm of a possible civil war, hate and an irreversible rift among the Jews. This is what we can expect when all the retreats are completed, our strategic position is weakened and we once again face the same threats and international pressure that were our circumstances before the Oslo agreement was signed.

And worse: The pressures of UN Resolutions 184 and 198 will be placed upon us after we will have surrendered Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and Yesha. The ease with which the "Peace Camp" is willing to abandon this wall - Jerusalem, Golan and Yesha - is simply beyond understanding. [29/9/1999]

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