The time has come for you to ask yourself the following:

Do you support the surrender of the Golan to Syria?

And do you understand that any agreement with Syria as with Arafat and Egypt will:

1. Not be kept

2. The Americans will not recognize that it is not being kept

3. The Israelis will not insist on its being kept

And do you understand that any agreement will impact negatively on Israeli security. Sort of like taking an Olympic runner and amputating one leg and then trying with dollars and technology to recreate that perfect runner.

And do you realize that the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Golan will set a moral precedent for ethnic cleansing world wide. Or maybe OK only for Jews, as no one else would be a politically correct candidate for ethnic cleansing. Jews not being fully human, with inalienable rights could be ethnically cleansed from the Golan and YESHA now. Maybe Europe and America later.

And do you realize that the money expected from America to grease this surrender will make anti-Semites of Americans resentful of all the money going to "the Jews." And that it would make Israel totally dependant on the whims of the State Department, a virtual "banana republic." Not exactly what Herzl had in mind.

So my dear reader, please don't tell me that you are waiting to see what kind of deal is made. No deal can be good for Israel. It is time to stop standing on the fence. Take a bold step and come down on the side of Zionism and security for Israel.....Bernard J. Shapiro

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