By Richard Shulman


Columnist Cal Thomas wrote, "It is particularly unpleasant when Jews are co-conspirators in their own destruction." He is skeptical about Arab leaders intentions, but Jews in Israel and the US express "cheap sentimentality" about the Arabs.

All Arafat has to do, to please the Jews, is "momentarily switch from preaching jihad in Arabic to mouthing a few words of peace in English." Mr. Thomas sees through that piece of theater.

He considers Israel's claims to the Golan as more legitimate than Syria's. He objects to Pres. Clinton rushing Israel to the precipice, at the edge of the Golan. When the Arabs invade from the ceded areas, Israeli leftists will rationalize that "Israel didn't compromise fast enough and so made her enemies angry." (Jewish Press, 1/14, p.9.)

Sure sounds silly but it is one with other appeasement-minded rationalizations.

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