By Emanuel A. Winston


I am looking at a photo of Prime Minister Barak in the NEW YORK TIMES today January 26th, looking smug as he sits with Martin Indyk, America's Ambassador to Israel and an outspoken Arabist ever since his appointment to the region. The title of the article was "As Peace Talks Flounder, Barak Praises Assad's Commitment" in the NEW YORK TIMES and "Barak Lauds Syrian President, Sees Continued Hope For Pact" in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, both by Deborah Sontag.

Today Ehud Barak has not only shamed himself and his country but has insulted the memory of the thousands of young Israelis who have died at the direct orders of Hafez al Assad, the Dictator of Syria.

All six wars initiated by Syria were intended to eliminate the Jewish State of Israel to her very last man, woman and child. Ehud Barak has called this insidious killer of Jews and his own people as an "honorable and trustworthy man". That Ehud Barak can praise such a man indicates that this Prime Minister is no longer worthy to occupy the office of Prime Minister nor can he claim to represent the people of Israel. He has brought the art of Ghetto Thinking and Self-Humiliation to a new low level. Even as Syria's Government Press (the "Tishreen" newspaper) insults Barak and Israel, Barak demeans himself and the country by praising a man who is literally spitting on him.

He has compromised the security of the nation playing the role of a once competent General now wallowing amateurishly as an inept politician in the world of geo-politics. It is time P.M. Barak steps down, accepts his military pension and starts to write his memoirs as Citizen Barak. Please, Mr. Barak, take your smug smile, Clinton's advisors like Martin Indyk, James Carville and Dennis Ross, and leave office so Israel may live and not have to fight another day.

Murphy's Law speaks of people who are promoted beyond their level of competency. This has happened to Ehud Barak and the people of Israel may pay a fearsome price for his poor decisions.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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