Parts I & 2

by Elyakim Haetzni
Arutz Sheva-IsraelNationalNews - February 01, 2005

As fate would have it, several days before the giant demonstration in Jerusalem, a horrifying document of four pages in length was making the rounds on the Internet. It is entitled "Staff Working Paper - Deployment for the Disengagement in the Gaza Strip Region" and contains a chilling script for a civil war.

In the meantime, the CD playing in the heads of the IDF officers has been changed. Now they are to see the Palestinian terrorists in military fatigues who have deployed opposite them as "policemen", and to treat them as "colleagues" and not "predators" - a perfect reenactment of the darkest days of "Oslo". The scent of Oslo also rises from the Sha'ul Mofaz-Mohamed Dahlan meetings, as well as from the expected meeting between Ariel Sharon and the Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, for which they are preparing as if it was a wedding.

On the one hand, affection for the murderers of the people, on the other, the sinister "Staff Working Paper", which is an insane orgy of self-cannibalization, as if a person were eating himself alive.

On television, sources in the prime minister's office hurried to announce that the document is a fake; however, several days earlier, on Channel 1, Uri Cohen-Aharonov exposed a secret plan that he obtained, or that was leaked to him, with many similar elements. He also said that thousands of policemen are currently undergoing training at a border police base near Beit Horon, on the way to Jerusalem, in uprooting Jews - including how to utilize force, as well as ideological and psychological preparation.

At the top of the "Working Paper" document, there is an annotation that certain details have been altered to prevent identification of the source; but I am impressed, based on the intimate technical details therein, that it is not a fake. It is apparently an early General Staff working paper that has most likely been altered in the meanwhile in many of the details; however, there is in its essence enough to get an idea of what they are planning for us.

I quote from the document: "The evacuation will end no later than the 7th of September, a week before Rosh Hashana." According to the document, the homes, including public buildings, will be immediately destroyed by bulldozers or explosives, in order to prevent any retaking of them.

In this last matter, though, it appears there has been a change in plans. Sharon is attempting to get something from the Ishmaelites in exchange for the sale of Joseph. If not from them, then from the World Bank. However, no one is willing to pay for that which he will in any case receive free of charge. Therefore, as of now, there is talk of handing over all the homes, intact, to Abu Mazen - as a gift!

This gift, the Osloid mind explains, will earn us the Palestinians' appreciation, will prettify our image in the world, and also, it will contribute to protecting the environment. After all, what would we do with the rubble of the buildings? Leave it at the site? Unaesthetic. Take it with us and pollute the Green Line? And what of the costs of conveyance, isn't it a waste of money? This way, everybody is happy: we are rid of the homes, the schools, the wedding halls, the hothouses, the study houses, the yeshivas and the synagogues; the Arabs will benefit and love us for it; the whole world will applaud; and the environment, that which we abandoned, will remain as beautiful and captivating as it was. It's perfectly logical - especially in the closed ward of a mental institution.

Further on in the document, it says that at the start of the stage of forcible expulsion, the water, electricity and communications infrastructure will be disconnected. The signal corps will also disrupt the cellular networks throughout the Gaza Strip and environs.

The document allocates for 'Operation Civil War' the Gaza Division, backed up with reservist units, policemen, 1,000 special patrol unit officers, five border guard battalions and an elite SWAT battalion. Today, there is talk of bringing a division from the Golan and of at least 5,000 policemen. In addition, according to the document, two teams of commandos, as well as medical, rescue, fire department, psychologists and mental health officers are to be mobilized.

The document talks about a "dry-run evacuation exercise" to be held at the Adam military installation, which will include a "simulated enemy". In those words. And don't get confused - we are the "enemy".

In the event of the use of force, the document continues, tear gas will be employed. In the event of shooting on the part of the settlers, there will be specific counter-fire by SWAT snipers "targeting leg, body and head, as needed."

I quote: "It must be taken into account that there may be suicides by the residents, fires set to homes with the residents inside, accompanied by eruptions of rioting by crowds on an unprecedented scale in the direction of the shooting. Subject to a decision at the governmental level, in extreme cases of extended exchanges of gunfire, and taking into consideration the preservation of life, an order will be given to break into houses under fire using bulldozers and controlled light automatic weapons fire."

And more: "...[It] is the responsibility of the Israeli police department to be prepared, in the event of inflamed emotions as a result of injuries, for preventative action in various areas of the country, in order to restrain and prevent marches, demonstrations, riots and arson of installations, buildings and cars throughout Israel.

"In extreme cases, the military censor will operate on an emergency footing, in order to prevent foreign broadcasts from areas of battle [yes, that is the _expression!] against the residents and rioters. Local television and radio networks will be subject to court suppression orders."

Afterwards, there appears in the document something that it refers to as "the order of folding up the communities of the Strip", the number of residents in each town and a schedule covering a day to two for each group of communities.

First - Netzarim and Kfar Darom. Afterwards, Tel Katifa, Katif, Kfar Yam and Shirat Yam; and after that, I quote: "In the assessment of psychologists, a breakdown in the will of the evacuation resisters, and with that, rash acts of desperation are also expected."

After that, Netzer Hazani will be uprooted, Ganei Tal and Slav. Afterwards, N'vei Dekalim and Gadid, followed by Morag, Kfar Yam and Pe'at Sadeh.

At this point, the scripts multiply. In the event of "collapse of the residents [thus it appears in the original!], continued movement towards taking over Bnei Atzmon, Bedolach, Kfar Atzmona and Gan Or. In the event of continued resistance, suspension of the evacuation for deployment opposite the Palestinian forces." The rest of the evacuation will be suspended for two and a half days. After that, in the words of the document, "folding up the last of the communities of the Strip."

The Reality of a Fake Document - Part II
by Elyakim Haetzni
February 02, 2005

[Part one of this article can be read at]

The "[IDF] Staff Working Paper" distributed through the Internet takes into account that the civil war amongst the Jews will be accompanied by mortar shelling and Kassam rocket fire, ambushes and roadside bombs, as well as "storming by thousands of unarmed Palestinians of the abandoned buildings, hothouses and industrial areas, in order to take control of property and capture spoils."

Interesting. The sick mind behind the document does not even consider halting the evacuation if there is Palestinian fire. That is precisely how Yochanan of Gush Chalav and Shimon Bar Giora killed and burned one another under Roman fire. Nothing has changed. The warped genes of self-destruction remain in our blood, as if 2,000 years have not passed.

According to the document, there is preparations also for the scenario according to which the Hizbullah and other terrorist groups in Lebanon try to land on the seashore "immediately after the evacuation or even during it," in order to hold a victory march and take up positions along the Strip's perimeter fence. The document's response? "Victory marches must be prevented, in order to prevent a worsening of the confrontations inside Israel."

It is interesting that even in the feverish mind of the document's creator, the obvious question was raised: and what then? Days, weeks, months, years after you have evacuated, how will you prevent Hizbullah and other terrorist groups from doing whatever they want, now that you are no longer there? The document's answer is more relevant than ever: "...the introduction of European and United Nations forces as a buffer between the terrorist groups, the Palestinian Authority and Israel."

The reality is even worse: at the head of the foreign forces will be Egyptian troops.

Afterwards, the document discusses blocking roads and what the expellees will do.

"Conveyance of evacuees" - women and children - will be to youth centers or for medical and psychological treatment in various towns in the south of the country. Men: to a camp for identification and classification, based on their level of involvement in the rioting. There will be trucks and trailers for removing the tractors and moveable agricultural equipment. There will be imprisonment and interrogation facilities "for the rioters, murderers [!] and seditionists among the settler public."

With all of that, the document calls for "maximum restraint, and for being understanding of the calls of rage and desperation of the evacuated residents."

The document also worries about the security forces: "Soldiers and officers who will suffer from [mental] trauma phenomena will be removed from the area under the jurisdiction of the medical corps."

And this is the end of the frightening civil war script: "Evacuation of the casualties will be to hospitals after identification and notification of the families." According to scenario A, up to 20 casualties are expected, and according to scenarios B and C, between 100 and 300 casualties.

The document concludes: "In our estimation, there will be no choice but to declare a state of emergency throughout Israel on the eve of the evacuation."

Even if this document is a product of the imagination, it must be said of it that it is absolutely realistic; in fact, the opposite is the case, it is foreseeable that the reality will be even worse.

And now, the question is asked: can a demonstration of 150,000 people constitute a reply to what they are planning for us, even if it is a bigger rally than anything previous and more attractive? Correctly, the correspondent for Voice of Israel noted that nothing was said at the demonstration that we have not heard before, and it does not appear that it had the power to change the plans and intentions of the government.

Even the exclusive focus on the demand for a referendum is puzzling. Who authorized anyone to play the lottery with the land of Israel and to commit to accept "the decision of the people"? What if among the people - as a result of the systematic brainwashing by the media and of the prestige of Ariel Sharon, which has not yet expired - there will be a majority for expulsion? If the expulsion is in fact a "national crime and a crime against humanity," as the Judea, Samaria and Gaza Council posits, then can even a majority be allowed to carry out such crimes?

Past experience proves that demonstrations do not change public opinion, nor the positions of Knesset members, almost all of whom act in accordance with personal interests, and only in accordance with those interests.

In my view, there was in the demonstration only one practical point: the pledge that was read out from the dais - in the name of all the assembled - to be there, at the scene of the expulsion, on the day the order comes.

With the mobilization of the regime, as expressed in the "Working Paper" document, it is clear that no resistance - especially the only kind that can come from our side, non-violent - has any chance of success without a mass of people, on the scale of 100,000 or more.

However, in light of the organization of the forces of destruction - cutting off of all systems, electronic warfare, preemptive arrests inside Israel far from the Strip - whoever is seriously planning to bring the masses to the field should have been making preparations for some time, but from tomorrow morning at the latest. Just think of supplying such masses of people for a full month, perhaps, and the rest of their basic needs....

The very short time remaining must not be wasted on the fantasy of keeping Shas out of the government, or on adding another Likud "rebel" or two. If there is any chance for those things to occur, it is only if the politicians see serious preparations, in the field, for the "Day of Judgement".

The attempt to convince our opponents at the last minute, in publicized meetings with people who are symbols of the Left, appears pathetic. It is as if the hunter and the prey were arranging the method of the impending mercy killing. In the case of public opinion, too, whomever we have not convinced in 37 years of the righteousness of our path, which is the true pioneering Zionist path, as well as the purity of our intentions - can no longer be convinced in these last moments.

The desire of the destroyers we will not be able to change, but we definitely can change their estimation of their abilities. We can cause them to say: we would like to, but we can't. Just as the Left succeeded in bringing the governmental bodies and public opinion around to the assessment that transferring Arabs is out of the question - because it can't be done, even if it is desirable.

It will be very sad if the Judea, Samaria and Gaza Council wastes these last remaining months in a pathetic attempt to appear beautiful and righteous - instead of preparing the ground to broadcast: "You can not do it!"

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