By Gerald A. Honigman

Many traditions have a version of this wisdom.

Paul, in his Epistle to the Galatians in the Christian New Testament, said it beautifully: He began by saying "As ye sow..."

Israel has long been determined to rid the world of one of its rare positive stereotypes about Jews...that they're smart. When will they learn?

How many times must Israel give up hundreds or thousands of Arabs with Jewish blood on their hands, either directly or indirectly, for some grossly one-sided "deal."

The scenes of thousands of Egyptian and Syrian soldiers, in previous wars, exchanged for a handful of Jews is legendary. Not that Jews weren't captured...but most were simply slaughtered on the spot. And the Syrians are especially famous for their butchery. This at least, however, can be excused as proper treatment by Israel following the Geneva Conventions even if Arabs indulged in barbarity.

But how do you explain, time after time, massive Israeli prisoner releases of known terrorist plotters and disembowelers of Jewish babes and other innocents...Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Arafat's own PLO murderers, & Co.?

And each time they come back to kill more Jews.

As February 2005 began, the Arafatian sweet-talking co-terrorist in a suit, Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas, had already become the darling of a deaf, dumb, and blind West.

He ran on a platform that was long his position: Israel would not be recognized as a Jewish State, for the goal still remained its destruction...but by "other means." Abbas repeatedly restated his intention to demand that Israel be forced to accept unlimited numbers of allegedly returning Arab refugees so that it would be destroyed democratically. Blown buses bring bad press...And the world, including the Foggy Folks, can largely be counted on to support him and to ignore the one half of Israel's own Jews who were refugees from Arab/Muslim lands, but without almost two dozen other states -- like Arabs have to call their own.

Gone, apparently, are the stipulations of United Nations Security Council Resolution #242 stating that Israel's pre-'67, Six Day War, 9-mile wide armistice line existence must be gone for good in terms of any future peace agreement. The hard fought wording and idea, which Lord Caradon, Eugene Rostow, and other architects of the Resolution succeeded in implanting, that the latter must be substituted by "secure and recognized boundaries" in return for any such peace is now no longer even discussed. Even the friendly Bush team, with its new Secretary of State, rants and lectures Israel over the contiguity of the Arabs 22nd state -- and second, not first, Arab one to emerge on the original borders of 1920 Palestine (Jordan created from almost 80% of the land in 1922) -- while demanding that Israel return to its vulnerable, microscopic existence.

And what does Israel get for all of this...?

A hudna, a temporary ceasefire (Arafat's "Peace of the Quraysh"), designed to buy the Arabs more time to strengthen themselves while the world -- including Israel's "friends" -- pressures the Jews into more one-side concessions designed to weaken them for the final blow.

Arabs think in terms of the big picture...

So, back to sowing...

With Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice due to arrive shortly in the Middle East to get things moving again regarding so-called peace negotiations, Abbas shot out one demand after another for his temporary ceasefire deal. Among them was the release of additional thousands of Arab prisoners -- including murderers.

Shame on the Israeli officials who would agree to this. But the problem goes beyond the immediate demands.

It has to do with the other half of Paul's Epistle to the Galatians:

" shall ye reap."

If Israel didn't have thousands of these killers in its jails, it couldn't be blackmailed into releasing them.

America and other nations have a death penalty for those who murder and plot the destruction of their own states. Why do Jews have to prove how "liberal" they are by worrying more about those who want nothing more than to kill them and to destroy their sole state than about their own children and other Jewish innocents? All Arab states certainly have death penalties...and for far less compelling reasons.

If known murderers and others with blood on their hands were executed (saving the Israeli taxpayers lots of money as well), then they couldn't be released when the Arabs demanded their predictable next prisoner one not long ago when the Arabs bargained for the bones of dead Jews they held in return for live comrades.

Israel needs to wise up on this and other issues before it's too late -- regardless of what the world's hypocrites will say.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap...


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