The Coming Apocalypse Must be Stopped
Only Unity and Non-Recognition of Oslo Will Save Israel

By Bernard J. Shapiro

Israel and the Jewish people have faced many challenges in the past. They have survived them all, bloody but unbent. In the coming months, we will face our greatest challenge and potentially could suffer our greatest defeat. I have just read the brilliant analysis of the Oslo B Agreement by Elyakim Ha'etzni. The Freeman Center has published a special 24 page edition for its members. [If you would like a copy, please call our office.] This infamous agreement does nothing less than establish a Palestinian State and lay the groundwork for the inevitable destruction of the State of Israel.

The present extremist Israeli government has become a master at deception, misinformation, lies and cover-ups. The details (the devil is in the details) have been kept from the Israeli electorate as well as Jewish communities in the Diaspora. Bit by bit the truth is coming out -- and it is ugly and perverse. Ha'etzni has done a great service by bringing to light the immense harm this government has done to Israel and the Jewish people.

Those of us, who value Zionism, and care about the future and security of Israel and the Jewish people must face the great challenge before us with fortitude and vigor. We have very little time and much needs to be done. First, all members of the pro-security/Zionist/Religious parties in Israel must agree on two principles: (1) Unity and (2) Non-recognition of any of the Oslo Agreements.

This is all the more urgent because some of these parties have been flirting with recognition of the Palestinian Authority (State). THIS MUST STOP. It is a well recognized principal of law that agreements must be kept by both parties or they are null and void. There has been no acceptance or performance of Oslo obligations by the PA. Only Israel has fulfilled its commitments. There is no reason for a new government to continue to carry out one-sided arrangements. Even if the PA fulfilled his commitments perfectly, there would be reasons to reject its validity on the grounds that no nation is obligated to orchestrate its own destruction.

This is just the beginning of the plan to reclaim Jewish rights in Eretz Yisrael. In three years the extremist Labor/Meretz government has done so much damage that it will take time to undo it. The first step must be UNITY. Then we can begin the recovery plan. I am quite certain that the UN, the US and most of the world will object to our plan. I believe that we should listen to them with the same degree as they listened to our cries for help during World War II.

Bernard J. Shapiro is editor of THE MACCABEAN and executive director of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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