A Voice from Hebron -- January 12, 1999


He Should Not Be Surprised
To Wake Up With Fleas

By Gary M. Cooperberg

Shimon Peres actually believes that he graduated from the post of Prime Minister of Israel to the Prince of World Peace. He opened his Peace Center which he humbly named after himself, and he has begun a herculean effort to raise billions of dollars to give to the PLO to make peace. His assertion is that Arab terrorists will stop murdering Jews and give up on their dream to destroy Israel if they are given good jobs.

Were Peres not a former Prime Minister of Israel his efforts would be comical. But because of his connections with world leaders resulting from his former position, this man is a genuine menace to the Jewish State. As a private individual Shimon Peres, like any citizen, has the right to express his opinion. But when he abuses his former credentials and presents himself to world leaders as an extra­political entity representing a pseudo official Israeli position which places itself above the government of Israel he is overtly undermining his own government. Peres has set himself up as some kind of ambassador of peace by abusing his reputation as a former Prime Minister. He is literally conducting foreign relations independently of the Israeli government and betraying the Jewish state by so doing.

It is amazing that no judicial body in Israel seems to notice that Mr. Peres is undermining Israeli foreign relations under the guise of innocently promoting peace. How is it that he can host leaders of over a hundred foreign nations as if he were still representing the Israeli government without as much as a protest from government sources? Doesn't anyone notice that this man is openly betraying his country before the nations of the world? Doesn't anyone in this country care that the man who was voted out of office for creating the horror of Oslo is being allowed to continue his efforts to help our enemies destroy the Jewish State without as much as a protest? Peres should be tried for treason rather than be extended the dignity of a pseudo ambassador.

This former head of the Jewish State is openly acting as Yasir Arafat's personal political advisor! What greater betrayal of one's country can there be than for a former head of state to openly counsel our enemies on how to negotiate our self destruction? He was seen on international television broadcasts addressing the PLO parliament in Ramallah and assuring the PLO that he will personally help them achieve statehood! He was clearly giving them advice as to how best they could achieve this goal. If this is not enough to charge Shimon Peres with high treason, I cannot imagine what else would be.

Israeli elections are around the corner. We have numerous candidates who feel that they are qualified to become the next Prime Minister. Is it not a wonder that not even one of these candidates even addressed the treasonous behavior of a former Prime Minister? Should we not expect at least some of them to demand that criminal charges be issued against him? Nothing? All we hear is the deafening silence of lemmings marching to their self­destruction with smiles on their faces and sweet words about a non­existent peace.

The Jewish people are totally bereft of leadership. Netanyahu, our most eloquent politician and alleged leader of the right, has entangled himself in a web of confusion of his own making which has seen him not only fail to stop Oslo, but to enhance the process of our self destruction. It seems that every one of our potential leaders feels the need to accept the path of self destruction as the only one we have to take. Why can we not find one contender for leadership who has the courage to stand up and demand that we take back our homeland from our enemies? Why can no one muster the courage to openly declare Oslo an act of treason which must be immediately undone? Why can no one seem to remember that Arafat is a murderer who deserves to be executed and his army destroyed? And why is Shimon Peres permitted to conduct official acts of high treason without as much as an objection from anyone?

This is why we do not have peace. We are being lead by fools who are actively participating in our self destruction. But, what is worse, no one is objecting. When students felt that their tuition costs were too high they took to the streets and willingly faced police batons and arrest in order to make their case. They went on hunger strikes. How then is it conceivable for the people of Israel to complacently stand by and watch our leaders give away our homeland for which so many of our sons gave their life blood to regain?

Where are the protests? Why is Shimon's Peace Center not under siege day and night by Jews who demand that he not be given permission to represent the Jewish State as the Prince of Peace, or in any other capacity? Why are no charges brought against this traitor by anyone? Why are we whining about what Arafat may or may not declare next May? Can't we see that, defacto, we have already permitted him to establish his state? Why is there no serious discussion about dismantling the PLO state which already exists? Why is there no contender for leadership who has the courage to just be a Jewish leader?

I really want to vote on May 17th. But it seems to me that, as of now, there is no contender who offers leadership. Not one candidate seems to care that we are on the path to self destruction. Only when this fact is recognized will there be hope to turn things around. I am looking and I am listening. What I see and hear is Shimon Peres ignoring democracy and conducting a foreign policy of treason with impunity. When the people of Israel watch their leaders kissing murderers. . .when they see former leaders openly betraying their country in the name of "peace" without as much as a protest, then they should understand why we suffer as a nation. When one sleeps with dogs he should not be surprised to wake up with fleas.

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