By Dr. Steven Plaut

Seems like hardly a day goes by without someone on Israel's Lemming Left denouncing all those NOT on the Left as "fascists". Today's "Fascist­calling" sandbox toddler is none other than Honest Abe Avraham Burg. Burg is at the extreme left corner of the Labor Party (and was a Knesset Member), and is currently head of the Jewish Agency. You see, there is nothing wrong with large umbrella Jewish organizations having far leftists as their heads, but if one dares to consider a Republican conservative who has supported Netanyahu (like Ronald Lauder), then this of course must be prevented at all costs. [Editor's Note: Lauder was recently elected president of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.]

Anyway, Burg's sandbox tantrum was in response to the Likud's new campaign slogan, which is "Netanyahu, a strong leader for a strong people". Burg believes this constitutes fascism because the word "strong" is used, and thank goodness the Likud did not dare to use the word "niggardly" or Burg would no doubt denounce the Likud as anti­Semantics. This of course comes after Haaretz carries near­daily Op­Eds with the same message, namely that anyone who disagrees with the Left is a fascist.

Anyway, since I can see the confused looks on your faces, I have decided to clarify for us all the true meaning of "fascism" and so we will now be able to avoid the appearances of fascism.

Netanyahu ­ a strong leader for a strong people. If I were an Arab I would become a terrorist.
The Palestinians do not have the right to their own state. Israel should cease to exist and be replaced by an Arab state of Palestine.
I support capital punishment for terrorists. I applaud the murders of settlers.
The Americans should bomb Iraq EVEN during Ramadan. The Palestinians have the right to use terror to defend their lands.
Jews have the right to pray on the Temple Mount. Arabs have the right to use terror against civilians to recover their stolen lands.
It is okay to use force against imprisoned terrorists to extract information. It is understandable that Arabs blow up buses.
Jews have the right to live in the West Bank and Gaza. Jews do not have the right to live in Haifa and Tel Aviv.
I believe rioting Palestinians should be shot with live ammunition. Saddam Saddam Gas the Jews!!


Steven E. Plaut, PhD, Graduate School of Business, University of Haifa Email:

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