By Rachel 7

Is there some kind of long­standing conspiracy, some tacit agreement between Jewish leaders in Israel, the Diaspora, and the Gentile Western nations? Is there some kind of timetable whereby Israel commits suicide, self­destructs, and ceases to be? Is there some timetable in which the land of Israel is declared, encouraging as many Jews as possible to return and reclaim the land from desert and swamp, making it fertile, building cities, creating a modern infrastructure ­­ only to hand it over to the Arabs?

Israel was reconstituted through the determination of a people to sacrifice everything in the face of all odds and win. Israel, a persecuted little nation, who after many years of oppression had vowed not to be passive any longer, and fought to survive and prevail. Israel is the story of how a people created something out of nothing...a homeland made out of sand and rocks, and against great adversity.

It took an unusual breed of people to create the State of Israel....people with great physical stamina, deep conviction, great persistence, courage and an understanding of what it was all about. The builders of Israel were the true pioneers, nation­builders...people of destiny. They were people you knew you could rely on ...they wouldn't let you down. They were all team players and highly disciplined soldiers. They were a group of people who showed the world how human beings could reach for the stars and bring them down to earth.

No one handed the Jews over a state on a silver platter, except for the sons and daughters who were willing to lay down their lives for it. They were the silver platter on which Israel was offered to us.

Do Jewish leaders, Israeli politicians, Jewish establishment figures in the West really want a Jewish State? Did they ever genuinely desire a Jewish land in which the Jew alone, would be master of his own destiny? A land under Jewish law, in which the Jew, after 2,000 years of being murdered with impunity by his neighbors, could at last feel free to walk the streets in peace, security and safety?

Certainly, the long­suffering Jewish people have always wanted Israel to be that land. Unfortunately we have been denied a genuine Jewish land, peace, security, and safety by leaders who have deliberately betrayed all the aspirations of their own people. Up until now, Israel has been cursed with leaders, politicians, and establishment figures whose loyalty belongs exclusively to their Gentile masters in Washington whom they fear.

From Ben Gurion to Netanyahu, whether Labor or Likud, all have been instructed and controlled by the West, never daring to declare to the world the Jewish nation's sole and rightful ownership of the Temple Mount, Hebron, Judea and Samaria. They have been despised by the Arabs for their self­abasement, and are jumping to the whims of their Western puppeteers. Through government control of the media, they have infected Jews with guilt and self­hatred. Israelis have been convinced that they are thieves who have stolen the land from the "poor Palestinians." This makes it all the easier for them to accept suicide and the destruction of the Jewish State. The message that gets to the people is that the Arabs, Arafat, and the PLO, etc., are not the real enemies of Israel, but Judaism is.

They have always ensured that no genuine Jewish leader would ever be allowed to gain political power. No man, no party would ever be allowed to emerge that could alter the set course of self­destruction of the Jewish Nation. The long­suffering, self­sacrificing Israeli Jews deserve much better than leaders who continually betray them into the hands of their enemies, and who speedily silence with harsh jail sentences patriots who criticize or dissent.

Even though G­d has bestowed upon us miracle after miracle in His land, our leaders, through fear of angering their Western masters, have overturned every one of them, always insisting on immediately turning the clock backwards and putting Eretz Yisrael and the Jewish people into a more dangerous position than before. They turned victories into defeats, and Jewish pride in winning, instead of losing, into shame for living instead of dying.

If there is no formal agreement, no conspiracy, no timetable for Israel to commit suicide and self­destruct, then Oslo, Wye, and the Israeli government's determination to speedily implement this disgraceful crime against the Jewish nation, must go down in history as the greatest betrayal of one's land and people that has ever been known. Silently accepting this will surely hasten the disappearance of the State of Israel.

It is time for Jews to send a message to the world again: WE ARE NOT COWARDS AND WE CAN WIN.


Rachel 7 is the director of the Middle East Political Forum on AOL.Reprinted from The Jerusalem Post of January 28, 1999

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