Caroline B. Glick

Caroline Glick

Caroline Glick grew up in Chicago and made aliyah to Israel in 1991, two weeks after receiving her BA in Political Science from Beir Zeit on the Hudson -- otherwise known as Columbia University. She joined the Israel Defense Forces that summer and served as an officer for five and a half years.

From 1994-1996, as an IDF captain, she served as Coordinator of Negotiations with the PLO in the office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. In this capacity she was a core member of Israel's negotiating team with the Palestinians.

After leaving the IDF at the end of 1996, she worked for about a year as the assistant to the Director General of the Israel Antiquities Authority and then returned to geo-politics serving as Assistant Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in 1997-1998.

From 1998-2000 she returned to the US where she received a Master's in Public Policy from Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government in June 2000.

In March 2002, Glick accepted the position of Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post. At the Post she writes two weekly columns. These columns are regularly syndicated.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Glick covered the US-led war in Iraq as an embedded journalist with the US Armyís 3rd Infantry Division. Reporting for the Post, Maariv, Israel TVís Channel 2 and the Chicago Sun Times, and was one of the only female journalists on the front lines with the US forces and the first Israeli journalist to report from liberated Baghdad.

Glick's writings have also been published in The Wall Street Journal, The National Review, The Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun Times, The Washington Times, The Jewish Press, Frontpage Magazine and Moment Magazine and numerous online journals (like The Maccabean Online) which focus on the strategic and political issues challenging the Israel and the United States.

Glick is the senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, DC and travels several times a year to Washington where she routinely briefs senior administration officials and members of Congress on issues of joint Israeli-American concern.

In its Israeli Independence Day supplement in 2003, Ma'ariv named her the most prominent woman in Israel. In December 2005, she was awarded the Ben Hecht award for Middle East reporting from the Zionist Organization of America. In January 2006, Glick was awarded the Abramowitz Prize for Media Criticism by Israel Media Watch. She lives in Jerusalem.

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