(Has he been naughty or nice?)

By Dr. Steven Plaut

While pressuring its ally, Israel, to concede the entire Golan, The US Administration has succumbed to the most critical demands of Assad, the ally of Iran, Sudan, N. Korea, Cuba, Pakistan, Russia and China, a leader of international terrorism, a ruthless abuser of human-rights at home, the ferocious occupier of Lebanon, a chief heroine trafficker, a multi-billion counterfeiter of $100 bills, and a systematic violator of agreements:

*Syria would be taken off the List of Terrorist States, ignoring its relations Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, N. Korea, Cuba, and the harboring of some 15 terror organizations.

*Syria would receive a multi-billion dollar foreign aid package, including a program of loan guarantees. The Administration assumes that a reluctant Congress would forfeit the Power of The Purse as has been the case with foreign aid to the non-compliant PLO.

*Syria would become a recipient of a long-term multi-billion dollar military aid package, modernizing its collapsing military, which would threaten Israel and moderate Arabs.

*The Administration aims at avoiding Congressional scrutiny of the Syrian Package. It assumes that a euphoric White House lawn ceremony would guarantee a rubber-stamp Congress, precluding an orderly Hearing Process. Such Hearings may reveal that providing Assad with a generous foreign aid package would produce similar results to the pre-1990 generous cooperation with Saddam. Just like Saddam, Assad would not give up his regional, historical, strategic goals to dominate the Mideast - embedded in the ideology of the Baath Party and the 13 century old ethos of Damascus - in return for US aid and the 450 sqm Golan Heights.

*The US Administration would, formally, legitimize Syrian take-over of its own "Province 19" ("Western Province"), Lebanon. Such a (very real) prospect has already traumatized the Hashemites in Jordan, which is considered to be the "Southern Province" of Assad 's Greater Syria.

*Syria would benefit from multi-billion dollar technological and scientific transfers and exchanges.

*The US Administration would either continue to turn a blind eye to Assad 's-controlled "Medeillin East" Heroine Trail, or would compensate Damascus financially for the loss of the multi-billion dollar income.

*The US Administration would either subtly object to the Damascus-Iran Axis, or would propose to compensate Damascus financially for the loss of Iranian benefits (cash, crude oil and strategic clout).

*The US Administration would persuade international financial organizations, West Europe, Japan and Australia to invest in, and extend foreign aid to, Syria.

*The US Administration would encourage the US business community, through a program of guarantees and other incentives, to invest in Syria.

[Editor's Note: Syria gets all these benefits for the Mitzvah of agreeing to ALLOW Israel to give her the Golan Heights. What a deal!!!!]

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