Dear Readers:

After I read the story about Albright's visit to Syria and the plan for new Israeli-Syrian negotiations, I decided to put together a Freeman Center Peace Plan for Israel and Syria. It was very obvious that the US, the Syrians, the Europeans, and the UN had just about settled the issue and were in agreement on most parts of a proposed peace plan. It was also very obvious the Israeli leadership had NO PLAN whatsoever to protect Israeli security in the area. So here is my plan. Let me know what you think of it.



1. Syria must withdraw from the territory it occupied from Israel following the 1973 Yom Kipper War under the Kissenger Disengagement Agreement. This territory will give Israel an additional 10-15 kilometer buffer zone east of the present Golan Heights border. This will increase the chance for peace in the area by strengthening Israel strategically.

2. Syria will pay compensation to the families of Israel POW's murdered and tortured by the Syrian authorities.

3. Syria will pay reparations to Israeli farmers for constantly shelling them during the years 1949-67. Such compensation will include: damage to crops, farm machinery, loss of life and loss of income due to shelling.

4. Syria will completely democratize including: free democratic elections, human rights, women's rights and a free press.

5. Syria will agree that Jerusalem is Israel's capital and will place its embassy in Jerusalem.

6. Syria renounces all claims to the Golan Heights as well as its spurious claims to "Southern Syria."

7. Syria agrees never to go the war with Israel, even if every Arab country in the world decides to carry out a multinational jihad.

8. Syria agrees to destroy its missile and non-conventional war making ability including chemical, biological and nuclear.

9. Syria agrees to withdraw from Lebanon and cease aiding the Hizballah and other terrorist groups.


1. Israel agrees never to launch an aggressive war against Syria.

2. Israel agrees that Damascus is the Syrian capital and agrees to place its embassy in Damascus.

3. Israel agrees to open up free and fair trade with Syria.

4. Israel agrees not to interfere with the new Syrian democratic elections.

5. Israel will guarantee the new border with Syria and prevent terrorists from attacking Syria.

Well, this may not be complete. I probably could add a few move provisions, but I think it does the trick. I believe it is the best Israeli plan for relations with Syria ever proposed. If enacted, I fully believe that there would be PEACE (with Syria).

Your peace loving editor,

Bernard J. Shapiro

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