By Bernard J. Shapiro

The Meretz/Labor government of Prime Minister Ehud Barak works vigorously to rid Israel of the burden of the Golan Heights. You may be sure that they are likely to succeed unless a powerful countervailing force can be created to oppose them. In exchange for a piece of paper signed by Syrian dictator Hafez Assad, Barak is willing to relinquish the following:

35-40% of Israelis scarce water resources. Former Agriculture Minister Ya'acov Tzur said that water sources on the Golan Heights were of "vital importance" to the future of the State. "The water coming from the Golan to the Lake Kinneret catchment area is between 200 million and 300 million cubic meters [per year]," he said. "This is a critical, vital and even fateful matter in terms of the future of the State. I have to say that I'm not aware of any replacement for this water." [The Jerusalem Post December 27]

The electronic surveillance/intelligence outpost on Mount Hermon. No amount of techno-wizardry can replace fixed mountaintop installations with line of sight radar and electronic surveillance. All talk about third-party intelligence, AWACS, or even balloons is absurd. Israel has the best possible intelligence now. Why destroy it and then search for an inferior crutch to replace a healthy system.

Forward Israel Defense Force positions within artillery range of Damascus. It is this military position that keeps the Syrians from starting a war. Once the IDF is removed by a pseudo "peace" the probability of WAR increases.

Defensive positions along a ridge line of mountains on the Golan that allow a small force to hold off a large invasion force while the necessary mobilization takes place.

The right of some 18,000 Israelis to stay in their homes and businesses. This represents acceptance of the idea of ethnic cleansing as a legitimate tool of government.

The Golan is legitimate territory of the State of Israel annexed by the Knesset n 1981. Not only does Israel have a legal claim as a victim of aggression from Syria, but historically the Golan was always considered a part of the Land of Israel, even in Biblical times. The Golan was a part of the original League of Nations Mandate for Palestine and at the San Remo Conference in 1920 it was given to Great Britain, for the purpose of establishing the Jewish National Home. In 1921, The British gave Eastern Palestine to Emir Abdullah, who named it Transjordan. Then in 1923, they gave the Golan to the French to become part of the French Mandate of Syria. In both cases, the intent of the League of Nations was violated and the area of the future Jewish state was diminished. Going back even farther, one finds reference to the Golan as an Israelite territory in the Holy Scriptures (Deut. 4:43; Josh. 20:8; I Chron. 5:56). Israeli archaeologists have also found numerous ancient synagogues on the Golan.

And finally in the words of the late Yitzhak Rabin: "Whosoever gives up the Golan Heights, abandons the security of the State of Israel."

There are some Israelis who believe that a peace agreement with Assad would bring about a Messianic Age in the Middle East. They also believed that a deal with PLO terrorist Yasir Arafat would bring "peace." and of course, They believe in the tooth fairy. The rising stack of dead Jews would seem to disprove the proposition that lions are indeed lying down with lambs.

Israelis need not behave like lemmings. Why the rush to suicide?

Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor


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