By Emanuel A. Winston

Professionals in the media and Public Relations know instantly when governments launch a phony 'sell' campaign to the public. We usually know what they really want. This is especially true when there are big bucks involved for the winner. In this case, we can see the 'sell' propaganda ramping up from Washington and certain Leftist outlets in Israel who are working with President Clinton to scrub up and whitewash Syria of its terrorist-supporting, drug-running and counterfeiting in order to take Syria off the State Department's Watch List of Terrorist States. The cash prizes will be $20-30 Billion in weapons' sales to Syria, and the campaign contributions to Congress and the Administration from a grateful military/industrial complex.

Recently, an Israeli Left-wing 'think tank', the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Israel's Tel Aviv University, voiced the opinion that this is the perfect window of opportunity to make peace with Syria. The Jaffee Center was founded by Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Aharon (Areleh) Yariv. Areleh was my dear friend, although we were worlds apart politically. The Jaffee Center drifted further and further to the Left through such directors as Joseph Alpher and more recently Shai Feldman. While holding themselves forth as objective intelligence analysts, their research and opinions were almost always in lockstep with the opinions of the Labor Left, particularly when Labor held the reins of the Government. Recruiting Leftist leaders is not all that difficult if they are assured that, by appeasing the enemy, they are saving the nation. They should know better but prefer the delusion that they will, indeed, save the nation - even if they must destroy it first. This engages the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Barak's recently blurted out statement saying: "I must give up the Golan for peace" was a strong indication that the Israeli people were rapidly cooling to Barak's quick capitulation in abandoning the Golan to Syria. I realized then Barak had crossed the line into aberrant thinking where he believed that he alone could force the country to surrender Judea, Samaria and the Golan - without the country's consent. Israel has not yet voted in the promised Referendum. The Knesset vote for negotiations with Syria was less than 50 votes out of 120, indicating a major disillusionment with Barak's frantic pace - with little indication that Syria intends to make peace. To destroy a nation, a war spoken or unspoken, must be declared. That on-going war has been declared and, despite any peace agreements, that declaration has been maintained by every Arab nation and the Palestinian Authority, through their media, school curricula, statements by officials and clerics. Israel is intended to be that victim nation, inexplicably assisting in her own demise.

It seems clear a major push is on, with the impetus coming from the Clinton White House to force through a deal with the Syrians. We see an increased outpouring by the usual propaganda outlets for the White House and State Department, picking up the cry for fast action in closing the Golan deal. The NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, CHICAGO TRIBUNE, L.A. TIMES news and editorials, and columnists are all high level indicators of U.S. Government policy. Tom Friedman offered an op-ed in the Sunday NEW YORK TIMES, 12/26/99 which looked like a team effort right out of the bowels of the State Department. He all but begged Assad to make a Sadat-like gesture to convince the doubtful Israeli public. Friedman even offered the bizarre rationale that Syria would become the protective barrier between Israel and Iran. Friedman also cranked in advice to Assad to convince Congress so they will pay Syria for this Grand Gesture.

In Israel, the Leftist media have exceeded their usual tilt to their Socialist roots and have become almost hysterical as they frantically try to convince the nation that capitulation to Syria is not only noble but Israel's last chance for peace on earth.

The editor of the Russian paper, VESTI, was recently fired, probably because he expressed the true feelings of the Russians in Israel who are overwhelmingly (72%) against withdrawal from the Golan. The Russian 'olim' got the message, namely that Barak's Government plays by the same rules as the former Soviet Union. Disillusionment is coming from a broad spectrum of the Israeli public. The message made it back to Washington and they are worried.

Disinformation is being vomited out at a prodigious rate. According to Barak, Clinton and Albright, Syria is suddenly NOT the Terrorist State as it was known to be all these years but, rather now is actually seeking peace.

Assad only wants $20 or $30 Billion U.S. taxpayers' dollars for American arms and then, if so bribed, Syria will pledge to not start a war and to cease all terrorism. This new, instantly altered image of Assad is obediently echoed by various Left wing institutions in Israel, which then appears as absolute truth in the Hebrew media. Strangely, although they are dedicated to Leftist positions, they know better but just can't break away - yet!

NPR (National Public Radio), America's premier news radio station, infamous for being hostile to Israel, regaled the listening audience with how the Norwegian, Terry Rod Larsen (now with the U.N.) finessed the secret Oslo negotiations conspiracy with Yossi Beilin who requested that certain Leftist professors be present to portray meetings as merely another academic symposium for credible deniability. Slick, secret planning and hiding the truth from the Israeli people were presented as virtues and not the scurrilous acts of a corrupt and cowardly regime.

Yossi Beilin, when asked at a 1994 Bar Ilan symposium why he kept the Oslo negotiations secret from the Israeli people, answered: "Because they would have turned it down." Beilin and Peres believed they knew what was good for the country better than the people.

The Clinton and Barak Government manipulators of the media are shoveling it out so fast you better get your high rubber boots on to wade through this stuff. Barak is desperately trotting out every lie and misleading statement he or James Carville can evolve to quiet the growing legitimate Israeli opposition.

Barak may have crossed a fine line into a fantasy world of delusion called megalomania. To induce the Israeli public to go along, Barak recently made the statement that a peace treaty with Syria would lead to reduced Israeli military service. He said this despite knowing, from personal experience, the depths of Syria's deadly past and hostile intent for the future. Syria is stockpiling a growing arsenal including chemically loaded, accurate missiles. Syria's population (who will be operating these weapons) has been taught to hate the Jews and the Jewish State viscerally in what radical Islam insists must be a Muslim Middle East. Regrettably, teaching hatred of Jews reaches even into grade school textbooks, despite assurances of the Clintons and Barak.

Clinton staged a photo op in Washington but Syria's Foreign Minister Sha'ara refused to shake Barak's hand. This was far more telling and meaningful in the rules of blood vengeance of the Middle East than was portrayed by the media. It was a direct insult to Barak, Israel and Clinton but very consistent with Assad's statement that we would rather cut off his hand than shake the hand of a Jew.

Barak's decision to surrender the Golan Heights, legally annexed by Knesset legislation, may be illegal before the Knesset abrogates that law and the country votes. A citizen's Referendum AFTER Barak signs away the Golan, would not legally authorize such a surrender.

Clearly, it's time to relieve this man of his dictatorial command. His positions of today are totally opposite and in conflict with his statements of May 1993 regarding those military, strategic positions he knew were essential for Israel's survival. He truly believes his snap judgements of today are infallible insights. He is being fed his opinions by interests foreign to Israel which could lead to national suicide. Even members of his own Labor Party must recognize this and move to new elections. If Barak and Clinton have their way, Israel is definitely going down, with the Europeans and the Leftists of Israel guaranteeing that the 23nd Arab/Muslim State will be planted on the ruins of Israel.

With new U.S. armaments, Syria will become the next MidEast military colossus in the North, supposedly dedicated to American interests, as Egypt is alleged to be now in the South. This is the American (Clinton) rationale for supplying massive free U.S. funds to sell (give) America's best military equipment to these Arab states: first Iran under the Shah, then Egypt under Sadat and Mubarak, next Iraq under Saddam, and soon Assad's Syria.

The U.S. started this scenario when America 'invested' in Iran to be its 'cop on the block' to guard U.S. interests in Gulf oil. Didn't America lose Iran in a blink, as they are about to lose Egypt, to radical Islamic fundamentalists? Each had a vast armory of American equipment which will surely be turned against American soldiers if they are put in harm's way as 'Peacekeepers' to prevent Syria from attacking Israel.

But, now we are going to have that vicious, drug-running, protector of terrorists, military dictatorship, Syria, as America's proxy in the Middle East. Right?!

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