by Emanuel A. Winston

The Left Liberal government of Ehud Barak can neither help itself nor help the nation of Israel. This Labor/Meretz government was born to Slavery and is now ready to finalize Israel's last days as a free nation. Ehud Barak has long passed his level of maximum competence. Like the Jews in the time of Moses who begged and whined to be allowed to return to the known comforts of slavery, so too Barak and those of his ilk wish the Israelis to return to the whip of the slave masters. Barak, now the adopted son of the most corrupt President the U.S. has ever known, has accepted Clinton's guidance (or commands) back to Slavery - if not extinction.

Ehud Barak was hatched and nurtured in the military always under control of the Labor Party. Like Yitzhak Rabin he was guided upward, protected from all his mistakes and finally launched into the political echelon where he was indoctrinated to become Prime Minister. Competence beyond his military experience was not an issue nor one of consideration for those grooming him to hold political power. However, in May 1993 as the IDF Chief of Staff he espoused a military, strategic position totally opposite what he is proposing that Israel implement now. Barak openly stated on May 20, 1993 that he agreed with the no longer secret study of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff that the loss of the Golan Heights would be disastrous for Israel's defenses.

Barak's inexperience in global affairs was revealed very quickly as he adopted the ways of Clinton and the fakery cooked up by Clinton's Public Relations team head by James Carville. Barak, as a politician, demonstrates he is not a decision maker but rather an animated cartoon, sketched by Clinton, Carville, the U.S. State Department and the gaggle of Leftist Jews surrounding Clinton. Shortly, Barak will be drawn into a suicidal decision - giving up Judea and Samaria (the west bank), Gaza and the Golan Heights.

Barak knows Clinton is poised to take Syria off the State Department's list of Terrorist States. He is fully aware that Clinton will ship Syria massive American arms as a 'peace' reward - similar to the huge military treasure the U.S. has gifted to Egypt since Sadat signed the 1979 Camp David Accords.

Barak will accept a handshake from Hafez al-Assad of Syria who has often said he would rather cut off his hand than touch the hand of a Jew. Given their knowledge of this perfidy by all the parties: Clinton, the State Department, Syria and Egypt, Ehud Barak and his entourage deserve nothing less than the equivalent of the Nuremberg Tribunal which held the Nazi leaders responsible for their crimes killing six million Jews and a total of 50 million during World War II.

It isn't as if Ehud Barak is being led into the betrayal of his people, blind to the facts. He understands, as does Clinton's State Department, that Syria has been and remains Israel's most dedicated enemy and still plans for the Arab nations' Final Solution (destruction) of Israel and the Jews now protected within her borders. Just read the hate espoused in all of the Arab countries official media to fully understand the depth of the Arabs' hostile intentions.

Barak knows that Syria has been preparing Chemical and Biological weapons, trading information with Arab countries that he, Assad, personally hates. Barak knows Assad, a sick, old man will soon give up his leadership of Syria - with almost certainty that Civil War will ensue. There is absolutely no guarantee that the next despotic leader in Syria will honor any agreements and, in fact, will need to renew hostilities, simply to justify holding his position. Without the Golan, Israel is a prime target, particularly if, as in the past, Syria coordinates its attacks with Egypt and other Arab states.

Barak knows this and more. He caved in to the demands of a corrupt President who no longer matters. Barak sold the land of Israel, a property that he does not own. In so doing, Barak has insured that Israel will have massive casualties in the inevitable war for which he and his Party will be wholly responsible. Because all these risks are well known before the fact, Barak and his confederates should be tried for treason now. If a war occurs because of Barak's betrayal, he should be taken into custody and tried in the first days of that coming war along with his confederates. Clearly, the Nuremberg decisions are appropriate that those responsible for Genocide would be culpable for their actions.

Barak's controllers from the State Department will pull words out of his mouth which will tell the Israeli people how tough he is going to be in the coming negotiations with Syria. The State Department's Jewish team knows exactly how to mislead the Jewish people, how to calm their realistic fears and then how to betray them with a quick thrust of the diplomatic knife.

These Jews who guide our thoughts were born to Slavery and cannot bear the thought of other Jews living their religion as free men and women. If they are to be slaves, then all must join them. Such leaders who worm their way to the top have been clever and persuasive. Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Yossi Sarid and thousands more drawn to their banner of appeasement and pacifism think the same. They are like the weak Jews among all those whom Moses brought out of Egypt who did not want to leave the protection of their slave masters and the flesh pots but desperately wanted to return to them.

Even as our enemies pledge to put the yoke of slavery on our necks once they control the strategic points of land and water, these weak Jews manipulate the words of 'peace' and the mantra of 'Peace Process' very well. Groveling at the feet of despots is a pathology which some of our Jewish leaders have refined to a high state of art. Whether as slaves of Pharaoh or slaves of German industrialists, there were always Jews ready to become the gang bosses of the Jews who did the Slave Labor. Ehud Barak's government, like some of those before him, was born to Slavery. It's just a matter of whom they will choose as their next slave master.

Regrettably, we see no Moses on the horizon who will rescue the Jews when Syria and the other nations of Islam feel the time is right to once again enslave (or kill) the Jews. Clinton and his court Jews will be long gone or busy covering up their role in the destruction of the only Jewish homeland in the past 2000 years. The Leftists of Israel will go underground to escape the fury from the victims for their perfidy. We can only hope and pray that those Jews remaining will seek vengeance through the available legal mens and not hunt the perpetrators, using the Biblical dictum of "an eye for an eye" or a life for a life.




Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analysis & Commentator and also a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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