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By Emanuel A. Winston

How ironic that the Jewish Homeland of Israel, which was to be the great refuge for persecuted Jews, has instead become the most dangerous place on earth for Jews. Even stranger, the Jews have chosen to weaken themselves even as they breathe life into their most dedicated enemies and have themselves made their own country, Israel, that most dangerous place for Jews.

Recall that the PLO was on the verge of extinction when the Israeli government injected them with new life by recognizing them through negotiations little of which was honored by the PLO. Recall how Israel, through AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee), lobbied Congress to forgive Egypt's debts and then went on to lobby for large amounts of aid which Egypt has used to arm itself massively by buying American military equipment. Egypt has received $30 Billion from America since 1979, $25 Billion of which went to building a massive military machine. That money came out of the pockets of American taxpayers to buy peace but, instead, (as planned) that money went directly into the coffers of military manufacturers to advance a war schedule.

Now we see Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, working a deal which will allow Syria to be taken off of the U.S. terrorist list that prohibits the sale of American armaments to that nation. Once off the list, Syria can then receive U.S. credits and outright grants to rebuild its military and its economy. Syria remains a vital threat. This existential threat to Israel will grow exponentially with American armaments.

Think of the billions of dollars in profits that will flow into U.S. arms manufacturers once such sales are allowable. Syria has been looked upon as a great new market for U.S. arms, most of which will be paid for with U.S. tax-payers' dollars. This is one of the reasons armament lobbyists, offering campaign financing to Presidents, have been pressing Congress take Syria off the list of terrorist nations. To do that they need Israel to capitulate on Syria's terms.

Egypt's Generals say they must prepare for War with Israel now that are fully re-armed with U.S. equipment - thanks to Israel's assistance. The media reported that Egypt's President Mubarak may be dying, perhaps of cancer. The next Egyptian government will likely be dominated by those from the radical Islamic Brotherhood who will invoke strict Koranic law and void the Camp David Agreement - such as it is. If Israel has to fight Egypt, it will be against the best American equipment which Israel encouraged the U.S. to sell to Egypt.

With Israel's help, the PLO is now growing stronger, demands territory, water and remains belligerent. The leaders of Israel have foolishly made their own nation the most dangerous place in the world for Jews. Even as the threat grows, Israeli leaders are invited to their own funeral by the Clintons and the E.U. believing that they will be allowed to be partners in the coming economic 'peace' boom which they thought they were buying into!

Did I hear the words: "Stupid - Naive - Suicidal?"

How is it that out of the entire Jewish population only the mediocre and ego-driven dimwits seem to rise to power in Israel? Is the status of political power a magnet for only those with empty minds who seek comradery and a paying job with others who are equally inept and unemployable? Israel's parade of incompetent leaders could easily be replaced with wind-up 'Furbies' who chatter nonsense which is a step above what is said in the Knesset house of psycho-babble. Foreign leaders easily manipulate these wind-up Jews as they march mindlessly off the precipice into the scrap heap of history. These pathetic idiots know they desperately need water to drink so, naturally, they give away their water. They know that they need to closely watch their enemies so, of course, they give away their high ground points of observation. Are these not the acts of mindless children or brain-damaged numbskulls who need to be watched and cared for in an institution?

These pitiful lamebrains make Chelm look like a place of higher learning.

Clearly, for the sake of protecting them from doing more harm to themselves and the country than they have already done, they should be gently rounded up and placed in institutions where they can weave baskets, be bathed and put into crib-like beds. These people are worse than mediocre thinkers whose mental capability is far below those who sweep out the stalls of the Jewish Market, Machane Yehuda. Heaven knows the marketeers have smarter brains for negotiating (bargaining).

They have full-grown adult bodies, with childlike minds making policy decisions which endanger the entire nation. Over the last 51 years, the productive, thinking Jews have made Israel bloom and grow, giving greater benefits to humanity through their scientific and cultural creations; whereas most decisions of Israel's political leaders (especially since the 1967 Six Day War) have made Israel the most dangerous place on earth for Jews. When PM Barak looks into the mirror, would he see the face of a wooden dummy staring back? I think so, if the decisions he has made so far are any criteria of 'dummyship'.

What is it about us Jews that we blind ourselves to threats? Why do we so enjoy the delusion that we can befriend our enemies and they will suddenly take us in their arms? Are we still awaiting the hug and bite of Esau? I think so. We are a sick people in desperate need of affection - approval - acceptance from the rest of the world but it doesn't happen. We risk our lives to achieve these elusive things and, like a nightmare, we run and run but never catch up. The sickest among us strive for political leadership and, once they achieve it, their first act is to genuflect before those who hate us the most. We thought our escape to Israel would relieve the pressure but we were wrong. We also thought our move to Israel would shed the ghetto mentality. Again, we were wrong!

Instead, we concentrated the pressures against us into one of the narrowest points on this earth which only made the job simpler for the anti-Semites among the nations. For a brief moment we were admired for fighting and winning wars against impossible odds. But, our leaders wanted ordinary love, not tough love - so they dropped back to the whining Jew of the ghetto, begging - bribing - wheedling and, as before, the hatred of "the other" once again mounted up against us. They want us pushed back into a smaller ghetto again, perhaps to disappear. We are now in that comfortable ghetto type living we knew so well. With careful deliberation, our succession of leaders lubricated our return to the pathetic, hand-wringing Jew by using the grease of the so-called Peace Process.

We are now back to where it is dangerous to be a Jew in a place where our elimination is merely moments away. Israel, by our own design, has become the most dangerous place on earth for Jews.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East is analyst & commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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