By Louis Rene Beres

Departmnent of Political Science
Purdue University



In the long struggle to save Israel from itself, no American has been more important than Bernard Shapiro, Laboring tirelessly from his Freeman Center base in Houston, Bernard faithfully puts out the Maccabean Online (plus the archives for each author and month); the Freeman list; and the Freeman Center web site. These authoritative resources have become absolutely indispensable at a time when the traditional media routinely capitulate to commerce and untruth. For tens of thousands of Americans and others who might have been barred from a candid, no-holds-barred view of Israel's place in the world, Bernard Shapiro's vital institution is always an authentic oasis of honesty and intelligence.

I have known Bernard for many years, during which time I have been honored to appear on pages of THE MACCABEAN and to lecture under Freeman Center aegis in Houston. From the very beginning of the dreadful Oslo capitulation in 1993, he has recognized the Arab trojan horse and minced absolutely no words about Arab intentions toward Israel. Not surprisingly, his analysts and publications - including Bernard's own insightful personal commentaries - have been substantially more correct than university-based centers for strategic studies.

Israel has been conspiring against itself. Driven by false hopes and empty promises, the so-called Jewish State has now become a source of real anguish and humiliation to Jews everywhere. "How can it be," asked Bernard from the start, "that Jewish memory is so short?" Well-versed in Jewish history and tradition, he has understood, from the start, that the only Arab goal of the "Middle East Peace Process" is the eradication of Israel and the extermination of Israel's Jews. A terrible goal to acknowledge, indeed, but one that Bernard has consistently had the courage to recognize and combat.

"The fundamental codes of a culture," says Michel Foucault in THE ORDER OF THINGS: AN ARCHAEOLOGY OF THE HUMAN SPECIES, "establish for every man, from the very first, the orders with which he will be dealing and within which he will be at home." Since at least 1993, and the birth of Oslo - a birth at which only gravediggers wielded the forceps - Israel's "codes" have been based upon a lie. Promising peace in exchange for surrender, they have instructed the world's most endangered Jews (i.e., Israeli Jews) that their disfigurement as a People is a price worth paying. But as Bernard Shapiro has pointed out again and again, perpetual surrender to those who seek only Jewish annihilation is an inexcusable formula for despair.

How sad it is that the past four prime ministers of Israel were not listening. How much better it would have been for Rabin, for Peres, for Netanyahu, and for Barak, to heed the informed warnings from Bernard Shapiro and the Freeman Center. Instead, these prime ministers relied heavily upon the academic fools at Tel-Aviv's Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, upon those enthusiastic archeologists of Jewish ruins-in-the-making for whom thinking was always unbearable. As sure as day turns into night, when the next round of Arab missiles begin to land in Israel's cities and towns, these pretend scholars will be racing for Ben-Gurion Airport, clamoring to be on board the next flight to Los Angeles.

I owe Bernard a great deal. His publications and broadcasts have been an essential venue for me and for all others who write and lecture against Oslo. In a recent letter, Esther Levens, of the National Unity Coalition for Israel, said the following to Bernard: "Thanks for all you do. I rely on your information and consider you the premier source on the internet. I frequently reprint your articles and resend them by fax and e-mail to all the Christian media, including radio, TV and press, to the Jewish and secular press, to Congress, and to hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals. Bless you for your remarkable service."



Bernard Shapiro's e-mail address is: bernards@sbcglobal.net

Freeman Center Web Site is: freeman.io.com


Louis Rene Beres was educated at Princeton (Ph.D., 1971) and has often joined Bernard Shapiro in the battle against Israel's auto-destruction. He is Strategic and Military Affairs Analyst for THE JEWISH PRESS.

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