The following one-page newsletter could interest US legislators (at their home and DC offices) and other US movers and shakers, who are concerned about the proper use of US foreign aid, accountability and transparency. Would the US Congress appropriate further subsidies to farmers, who have misused previous subsidies? Please note that the US Administration has notified Congress that a request for a special foreign aid package to the PLO/PA will be presented, should there be an agreement reached between Israel and the PLO/PA.


1. PLO expenditures per capita for human-services rank among the lowest in the world. However, the number, and the cost, of PLO's secret services per capita is the highest in the world.

2. Arafat's 14 security organizations are primarily dedicated to the preservation of his regime. All are tightly controlled by Arafat, monitoring (and sometimes fighting) each other, in order to minimize the prospect of an anti-Arafat coup. The commanders of the organizations are veterans of terrorist training in Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Aden, which currently accommodate the training of PLO's rank and file.

3. The Tanzim, which has led the recent campaign of anti Israel terrorism, is the military/terror arm of Arafat's own Fatah. It has been groomed and funded by Arafat, as the Bad Cop organization, known for its brutality against Palestinians.

4. While refusing to assist refugee camps on PLO territory, Arafat and his closest confidants have accrued significant wealth. Their spacious homes, built next to the refugee camps attests to the enormous gap. "Six Pack Ahmed and Fatima" have accused Arafat of corruption, bribery, nepotism, misuse of aid funds and suppression of human rights, including the oppression of Christians and of opposition circles.

5. Some 30% of aid funds (from the US, Europe, Japan, Israel, etc.) end up in overseas private bank accounts of Arafat and his cronies.

6. Arafat's economic advisor, Muhammed Rashid ("Khaled Salaam"), manages Arafat's personal bank accounts in the US, Switzerland, Israel and other countries, investment in the French, German and Japanese stock exchanges and farms and factories throughout the globe (estimated at several billion dollars). Rashid, and Arafat's chief-of-staff, Ramzi Khouri, own and run the Shirkat Al-Bakhar real-estate company. Al-Bakhar builds flashy homes for PLO's leadership and possesses the monopolies of cement, iron and commercial sand. Rashid, and Arafat's advisor, Hassan Asfour, are also a co-owners of a gasoline monopoly. Arafat's wife, Souha', and Arafat's communications advisor, Nabil Abu-Roudayna co-own pharmaceutical and apparel monopolies.

7. Muhammed Dahlan, the chief of PLO's security services in Gaza, known for his unmatched brutality, is a close friend of Muhammed Deif, the chief Hammas terrorist. Dahlan collects more than a million shekels per month in protection money (from suppliers of oil, cigarettes, etc.), kickback for issuing licenses, "taxes" and (since 1997) border-crossing-fees. The "income" is used to solidify Dahlan's control of Gaza and to finance his luxurious life style.

8. Nabil Sha'ath, Arafat's eloquent special emissary to the UN and Washington, DC, owns a monopoly of computer hardware and software. Abu Mazen, Arafat's veteran deputy, owns Sky PR company and several export import companies. His son, Yasser Abbas, owns PalTech, a monopoly of electronics. Abu Ala', who was the chief negotiator of the Oslo Accords, is a co-owner of cigarettes, conserves and dairy monopolies. Jibril Rajoub, the chief of PLO 's security services in the West Bank, owns a poultry and flowers farm, collects protection money from distributors of oil and other commodities, receives kickbacks from the Jericho Casino and is a leading intellectual properties felon.

9. The PLO has refused to provide the US General Accounting Office with accounting reports and supporting documents. In 1997 alone, some 40% of the PA's operating budget was wasted, stolen or misused. (Ralph Nurnberger, government relations counselor, Preston Gates, who was involved with US aid to the PA). But, Congress appropriates foreign aid to the PLO.

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