Aaron Lerner Date: 28 December, 2000

#1 A mind numbing plunge

For those who think that developments of the last week have shown just how extreme the extreme left is a word of warning: You have not seen anything yet. Yes, we have seen some incredible things:

Foreign Minister Ben Ami, whose voice has taken on a frighteningly hysterical tone since he returned from Washington, declared the end of territorial Zionism. That's right, no need to live in a place in the Middle East called Israel. That's passe.

Prime Minister Ehud Barak was joined by almost all the ministers in endorsing a plan for the division of Jerusalem with Jaffa Gate and David's Tower in the very heart of the city part of the Palestinian state.

The list of dangerous concessions is so long that it would take my entire spot just to cover them all. Suffice it to say that Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz explained yesterday to the Cabinet BEFORE they voted that the agreement would undermine Israel's security. That's right, UNDERMINE ISRAEL'S SECURITY. Leave Israel unable to defend its Eastern border, unable to defend the Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem, unable to defend Tel Aviv, Netanya and the rest of the major population centers against attack from the Palestinian State.

But do not think for a moment that this is the end. There will be more concessions.

#2 A message to American Jewry

There is still a chance that there will be a signing ceremony before Clinton leaves the White House. But that signing ceremony will not, repeat not, legally obligate Israel. The agreement, because of its territorial concessions, will require approval by a special majority in the Knesset as well as approval in a national referendum.

Yossi Beilin knows that. Ben Ami knows it too. But they won't let the law get in their way. Remember the byword of the Left: "the ends justify the means." So here is the plan: Immediately after there is a signing ceremony, President Clinton will rush the agreement to the United Nations Security Council for its adoption as a Security Council Resolution.

This way, even when the Knesset and Israeli public rejects the deal, the agreement will have a life of its own as a Security Council Resolution.

And if you think for a moment that Beilin, Ben Ami and the rest of the radical Israeli Left will not lobby for sanctions against the Jewish state if it refuses to accept the deal then repeat after me:"the ends justify the means."

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to friends of Israel in the United States to raise their voice at once against this devious plan to straitjacket Israel.

Tell President-elect Bush and his advisors that this travesty is unacceptable. Tell your senators and congressman. And tell Senator-elect Hillary Clinton that this would be a most serious stain on her record. A stain that would be remembered four years from now if she were to run for president.

I cannot overstate how critical it is to head off this plan to straitjacket the Jewish State with an agreement initialed by a desperate prime minister who does not enjoy the support of the public or the Knesset in his last days in office.

3. Keep our eyes on the ball - the name of the game is the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS

In a little more than a month there will be elections for prime minister. Again. In a little more than a month there will be elections for prime minister.

As I already noted, the Left will pull out all the stops in this campaign. The ends justify the means. There will be dirty tricks you never dreamed of. And the favorable polls for Sharon may lull the people into complacency and the politicians into allowing themselves the luxury of destructive infighting.

But the elections can certainly be won. This even when Barak threatens the public with apocalypse if his destructive approach is rejected. And what does a group do when it can win elections? It works on the elections.

Does it talk now about civil disobedience? NO!

As MK Benny Elon, who was a leading activist in Moshe Feiglin's Zo Artzeinu, a group that introduced civil disobedience in the fight against Oslo, told me this afternoon, civil disobedience is a tool of the weak. But we are not weak. We are the majority.

Civil disobedience is a device to press a government to resign and call for new elections. But Barak has already resigned and elections will be held in a little more than a month. And most important as we approach this critical election: civil disobedience and reckless words can boomerang.

The last thing we need to do today is to provide Ehud Barak's campaign team with images and sound bites that can be used to challenge the legitimacy of the national camp. By its nature, this election will be first and foremost a vote AGAINST Barak and his disastrous policies.

Barak's team wants those images and sound bites to make sure that the extreme leftist voters do not stay home election day, hold their noses and vote Barak. They will use those images and sound bites to convince the mainstream Labor Party supporters and others in the center who are now seriously considering Sharon that a vote for Sharon is a vote for dangerous right wing radicals. Those images and sound bites may not be enough to convince these people to vote for Barak, but they certainly may succeed in convincing them to stay home on election day.

Yes, I know that the situation is desperate. That it is frustrating. But the last thing we can afford to do today is to lose sight of the game. And the name of the game today is to win the election with a devastating majority that will send Barak's policies to the dung heaps of history.


Dr. Aaron Lerner is Director of IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis).

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