By Nadia Matar

Subject: Re: IMRA'S WEEKLY COMMENTARY ON ARUTZ 7 - 28 December 2000

Reply-to: nmatar@netvision.net.il

Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2000 10:52:00

Dear Aaron,

This is probably the first time that I must disagree with you. I am talking - as you guessed- about what you wrote about civil disobedience.

1) There is nothing "extremely fanatic" in blocking a few roads. The truck drivers have done it, the students have done it; it shows that you care and that you hurt. l think exactly the opposite of what you said: if we do not demonstrate now in a non-conventional way, and if we do not get the masses out in the streets now, then those center people you are talking about will see this as an acquiescence on our part.

They will say to themselves: If the ideological right does not demonstrate strongly now, then they must not care....maybe then I should vote Barak.

In addition, this has to be a strong message to Sharon. as we know, we have to be careful about him too. He constantly talks that he will get a "better" agreement, but it will still 'hurt". What does that mean? Uprooting 75 yishuvim instead of 100? you will say : well, if Sharon will do that, then will be the time to do civil disobedience, after he will be elected. But I want to remind you that when the Right is in power, it is VERY difficult to get the demonstrators in the streets and demonstrate. It is much easier to demonstrate against the Left, now.

Massive non-conventional, non-violent demonstration will only help Arik Sharon. He will be able to tell the Americans, the Arabs and the Europeans:"look, the People of Israel have gone out in their hundreds of thousands against this agreement. I represent them and we will not carry out or respect such an agreement.

If we do NOT go out in the streets, the international pressure on Sharon will be tremendous, to force him to continue to cave in.

So I think that big non-conventional demos, and non-violent civil disobedience will only help Sharon to get elected and to stay loyal to our principles.

Shabbat Shalom,

Nadia Matar

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