By Bernard J. Shapiro

As we enter a new year there are some thoughts I would like to share with you. The study of Jewish history in general and the Arab war of extermination against Israel in particular reveal a central persistent theme. The Jews are a gifted people, beneficial to the world community in vast disproportion to their numbers.

Despite the above, the world has plotted their destruction more times than can be counted. The next to last being the Nazi Holocaust and the present one being the Arab/Muslim war of extermination planned for Israel. All the great powers of the world who ignored the Jews cries for during the Holocaust are again turning their collective backs on Israel. And America seems to be apart of that group.

The hoax of a "peace process" is meant to cover the betrayal. Everyone knows that Israel will not be safe in shrunken non strategic borders. It is but a stage in Arafat's plan of "stages" to dismember the Jewish State.

Where are the leaders needed to face this apocalyptic threat?....Bernard J. Shapiro

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