by Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

How could one single man who has resigned from office - who has almost no support from the people's Parliament, give away the very core of the Jewish State?

What mind control has taken hold of Ehud Barak, making him a veritable toy in the hands of an impeached, corrupt, lame duck American President whose loyalties lie with oil companies and Arab terrorists?

How can a single person, elected to a temporary office believe he has sole ownership to the land, her Jewish Holy Sites, her water resources, the lives of her citizens and the very life of the State?

Yet, under the mind control of a corrupt President/State Department/CIA, this Israeli Prime Minister has been instructed to divest the Nation of Israel of all these vital parts of her body and, with them, the future existence of the State of Israel. Thousands to millions of people, Jews, Muslims and Christians, may die because he follows these orders like a mindless zombie.

Barak, without any authority to hand over the deed for much of the Nation of Israel, is doing exactly that. Like a Bank President who believes he owns the money of the Bank's depositors and embezzles the funds, Barak first steals the Nation and then sells it to Arafat and Clinton.

How could it happen? Why haven't the people of Israel poured into the streets and forced the illegitimate Barak Government to close down immediately? Why has not the Knesset passed legislation to stop what may be the last breath of the Jewish nation? Can it be true that Israel's main products are weak, apathetic Jews?

The people have seen the aberrant Left collude with Israel's enemies to make the Nation so vulnerable that she must inevitably die. We all have seen Arafat break every single agreement made - even with the Clinton guarantee - and yet this suicidal Israeli government plunges on with more agreements - each of which has failed in its own turn.

We know the Arab nations continue to arm and pledge destruction of Israel. We know that they have kept hidden their stockpiles of illegal weapons such as: machine guns, land mines, grenades, mortar shells, antiaircraft and antitank guns and possibly artillery. (1) We know such nations as France, Germany and those others who make up the United Nations connive with the Arabs for the day they will sweep Israel from the map of the Middle East.

My dear, pathologically stupid Jewish Chevra, if you insist on dying, at least do so standing on your feet. If you must die and plan to take your families with you, at least do not follow a brain-washed leader and the most corrupt President America has ever known. Do not passively put your head on the chopping block without a word or a gesture of protest.

If you wish Arafat to be your/our executioner, then go out patriotically, bravely - with honor.

But first, make sure that those of the Left who sold you out, share the same fate. If there are to be rivers of blood, don't let them escape but let them be first. Insure that they are well up in front to greet the hordes of Arabs who, even now, are preparing their oft-declared ‘Jihad' (Holy War) to "Dance in the blood of the Jews!" - as they state so plainly.

How could it happen? Quite simply, we let it happen.


1. "The Palestinians are amassing an arsenal of illegal weapons" by Barbara Demick PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER 12/18/2000


Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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