By Bernard J. Shapiro

The trauma of this past year for Israelis is almost more than one can conceive. The bodies of young and old were blown apart, maimed and bleeding covering the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Netanyah and Emanuel. Whole streets had turned red and special crews had to come in to wash the blood away. In dozens of different places snipers took the lives of innocent travelers on the roads of Israel. How much longer can the People of Israel suffer such cruel slaughter of its citizens. How much longer before the cry of thousands of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers demand that the government of Israel rid the Land of the pestilence that preys upon it like an evil monster of nightmares.

My study of Jewish history reveals clearly that this is not the only period murder and torture of Jews. Going back 2000 years and then culminating in the Holocaust, we Jews were afflicted with murder, forced conversion, expulsion, pogroms and torture in every generation. In the 18th through the early 20th century Cossacks from Russia spelt a river of Jewish blood in attacks on the small Jewish shtetls of Eastern Europe. It was their habit to ride through Jewish villages swords in hand and slice off the arms of anyone they found on the street. Today Arafat maims with suicide bombs. "The more things change. The more they stay the same."

I read a book by Diogbert D. Runes entitled: DESPOTISM A Pictorial History of Tyranny (Philosophical Library 1963). In it he has a chapter on the Jews and he reveals some interesting demographic statistics. The Jews were very prominent in the ancient world, perhaps a third of the Roman Empire. Over a million lived in Alexandria, Egypt alone. Jews were healthier than their European neighbors due to the Jewish custom of bathing. The Catholic hierarchy discouraged bathing as a sin until recent times. According to Runes' demographic studies' the Jews today (1963) would total one billion people had they not faced the evils of the past 2000 years.

The reason for this story should be clear to all of us. Arafat's terrorist gangs are involved in one long pogrom against the Jews of Israel. The evil he and his associates perpetuates differs only in the volume perpetuated by the Nazis and the Catholic Church. However, there is a significant difference between then and now. Today Israel has a powerful military, the Israel Defense Forces, to protect its citizens. Yet despite the obvious advantage of having a strong military, it is weakened by a political leadership that seems to be afraid of its shadow and afraid to utilize the great power of the IDF.

In the latter part of 2001, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon began to exert more military actions against the terrorists. Unfortunately it was too little and too late. What was needed was a comprehensive plan to restore security the Israeli people. There was no comprehensive plan. Foolish and dangerous ideas like seeking a ceasefire and negotiations crept back into the diplomatic lexicon. I now understand how Jewish leaders carried out negotiations with Hitler until the last Jew was killed. I am making no comparison to Israeli leaders, only to the delusions and gullibility of man I will refrain from enumerating the many other failures of the last year. Now we must look to 2002.



10. Reduce the income disparity between management and worker. Are you aware that some managers of government companies get 50,000-100,000 NIS a month. This is obscene while the bottom third of the population is at the poverty level.

9. Develop water resources. Are you aware that serious action has been delayed by 10 years although the need was quite predictable?

8. Outlaw Arab political parties that are disloyal to the State of Israel.

7. Indict on criminal charges of incitement Arab Knesset member, Moslem clerics, news people on PA TV, teachers and any others that spread hatred and anti-Semitism toward the Jewish people. They should be held under harsh treatment with no bail.

6. Require a loyalty oath to Israel as a Jewish State before being alloyed to vote.

5. Breakup the national unity government and call for new elections. This will create a fully Right-wing government.

4. Fire Shimon Peres (Arafat's Foreign Minister) and Ben-Eliezer (known for saying the conflict with the terrorists could not be won by military means). Does Israel really need a Defense Minister who has already decided that he CANNOT defeat the enemy?

3. Israel must accept no more mediators. Not from America, Europe, or the UN. Mediators interfere with Israel's ability to terminate the enemy. Remove hostile reporters and photographers and keep them barred from PA areas.

2. Restore Jewish control to the Temple Mount.

1. Renounce Oslo as having been a failed experiment. Mobilize the army and crush all terrorist targets causing maximum damage (not the current minimum). Much of the population will flee reducing the demographic pressure on Israel


Jews will live safely in their own land. Tourists and immigrants will come again. Industry will develop rapidly. This is truly the future I pray for.


Bernard J. Shapiro is executive director of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and the editor of THE MACABEAN ONLINE.

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