by Emanuel A. Winston

Mid East Analyst & Commentator

So-called civilization has collided with reality. All the words that describe catastrophe became the stuff of novels. WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction), NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) weapons simply passed into common language for most of us but, all that has changed.

Since we saw two aircraft take down the World Trade Center and another take out a large section of the Pentagon, we had a shock to our systems. But that, horrible as it was, didn't touch what could come next. We discovered that Osama bin Laden, through his al Qaeda network may (high probability) have acquired small nuclear weapons from Russian mafia criminals.

In addition, toxic agents and biological attack substances were similarly purchased either from the same sources - or Iraq.

We absolutely know that Iraq had been successfully acquiring the technology and the weapons to deliver WMD. But, regrettably, the administration of President George Herbert Walker Bush, James Baker III and General Colin L. Powell chose not to carry through the guaranteed destruction of these weapons and the manufacturing facilities which they knew produced these horrific weapons.

Oil and politics played the deciding role and now the entire world is at risk. What should have been done ten years ago must be done now at far greater cost and risk. The risk, of course, is that these area-wide weapons may have already been smuggled into our cities. Whether Nuclear, Biological or Chemical - any of these area-wide weapons can destroy part or all of a city and its population. A biological plague can literally sweep the nation, with anthrax being only one of dozens.

So, with this nation and possibly civilization hanging in the balance, what are we to do now? For one thing, we can stop trying to cajole the various terrorist nations to be friendly and volunteer to call back their terrorist sleep exports. We are in a negative time period, having used up the clock in useless appeasement of primarily the oil nations.

Even now, when we should be confronting Iraq with only the choice of immediate surrender, we are listening to advisors of other nations - telling us not to confront Iraq. Turkey tells us that if Iraq is broken, the Kurds will want a State of their own which threatens Turkey.

Russia, China, France and England do not wish us to attack Iraq and force Saddam out of the government. Their interests are future sales of weapons and the easy availability of Iraq's sweet oil. Remember that Iraq has not only the oil fields that have already been piped but also, a very large oil reserve which had the interest of former President Bush and James Baker, pushing for their oil interests among other oil multi-national corporations.

For these self-serving reasons "we" allowed Saddam to continue manufacturing his wide range of horrific weapons. All of western civilization is on the horns of a dilemma. Shall we continue to wait while trying to benefit from the availability of oil and the rich cash flow from the sale of weapons to Iraq - or do we recognize that time is of the essence wherein our cities may be destroyed by Iraq directly or through Saddam's surrogates?

Shall we listen to those who have vested interests in Iraq and other terrorist nations who recommend "diplomatic caution"?

Shall we take heed of American Arabists in the U.S. State Department who are so closely linked with the oil industry, fearful of insulting Saudi Arabia or the oil Gulf States?

We all now know that Saudi Arabia has been an exceptionally strong backer of terrorist groups who were planning attacks against Americans. 15 of the 19 terrorist murderers on 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. (1)

Even now, as all this is being exposed, we see the Arabist damage control experts out in force, trying to shift the blame away from the radical Muslims in Saudi Arabia and 'somehow' shift it to Israel.

Germany, France and England are all in a media flurry, trying to blame Islamists' murders world-wide on Israel. We are told that the Bin Ladens and the Saddams would cease their terror and production of weapons of mass destruction "if only" Israel would accommodate one of the world's bloodiest mass terrorists, Yassir Arafat. Strangely, these nations know that the Arab nations cannot tolerate nor do they trust the Arab Palestinians.

We are well beyond that doom's day clock hour of 12 midnight. We await some kind of terrible destructive power. We know that we cannot appease sleeper terrorist cells who have been programmed to carry out their missions, even to the point of suicide.

If I seem tedious in repeating my solution to make the best of a worst situation:

Confront Saddam with an ultimatum, demanding complete surrender within 10 days. Leaflet Bagdad and, through radio announcements that Bagdad is to be evacuated because it will soon be leveled. In 10 days, level the city.

Repeat the offer, naming other cities and military installations. Possibly, the Iraqi military will realize the hopelessness of their situation and revolt, taking Saddam out of the picture.

Recall that American pushed Japan into surrender after two Japanese cities were leveled. Not pleasant but, it forced an end to a war that America did not start.

Possibly, Iraq will surrender one way or another.

Then Syria and Iran will receive the same ultimatum. By this time, they will be convinced that, not only is America deadly serious but will absolutely carry forward on our ultimatum.

Perhaps there are those who cannot grasp reality in real time. Regrettably, they can only be convinced when another attack takes place with mass casualties in Berlin, Paris, London or New York. Some have little vision and are driven by such commercial greed that they are blind to the consequences. We may be about to pay another heavy price as a lesson in morality and reality.

As a very relevant aside, India and Pakistan are very close to war and they are armed with nuclear weapons. I would remind the readers that we ignored the choice of Pakistan by host of Arab countries who financed Pakistan's development of what they called The Islamic Nuclear Bomb. Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Iran who funded the project, expected to receive nuclear weapons in return. Then too, we in the West were so enamored of courting the Arab oil world, we did little to stop this sinister development.

Who knows, by the time you may be reading this article, the experts may be sweeping our cities with Geiger counters looking for radio-active hot spots.

It's past time to confront the crazies driven by their aberrant beliefs in their religious destiny or simply hate America for her prosperity. This is not the time to negotiate our future with radical leaders who want us and our ways eliminated.

1. "Holy War Lured Saudis As Rulers Looked Away" by Douglas Jehl NEW YORK TIMES December 17, 2001 (first of 3 articles in a series) Articles available at

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