The Firemen and the Arsonists.

I have often argued that if Israeli MK's (Members of Knesset) were forced to travel by bus in Israel, the money which is lacking to ensure an armed guard on every bus would miraculously become available. In the same way, I believe those who sympathize with terrorists rather than their unfortunate victims, would be miraculously enlightened if their loved ones fell prey to Palestinian terrorism.


And how they got mixed up

By Jock L. Falkson

December 25, 2002

It boggles the mind that sensible people who ordinarily understand right from wrong, seem to be so misguided when it comes to judging Israel's right of defense against the Palestinians' "right" to kill us - in their crimes against humanity.

Israel's position can be likened to that of a Fire Department whose firemen are dispatched to put out fires set by arsonists. If it weren't for the arsonists (read Palestinian terrorists) there'd be no need for the firemen (read Israel Defense Forces) to put out the fires. In this analogy no one should be confused about the respective roles of the arsonists and the firemen.

Turning truth inside out

Yet Palestinians have successfully sold a contrary PR bill of goods to many, including most European nations. The anti-Semitism of the latter, it seems, is so inbred, that they have seamlessly absorbed this big lie from the Palestinians. The plain truth has been turned inside out and Israeli' firemen are blamed for Arab arson!

The fatal "crime" of provocation

Since Arafat's call to intifada two years ago every response by Israel's security forces to Palestinian "conflagrations" has been regarded as a provocation. Palestinian terrorist operations include suicide bus bombings restaurants and shopping malls. Also roadside ambushes and car bombing. And random or targeted killings such as drive by shooting and lynching etc.

Yet Europeans and Israel-haters believe every Israeli response is a provocation which justifies even greater Palestinian terrorist revenge. They counsel that by putting out the fires and going after the arsonists to prevent them setting new conflagrations, Israel only makes matters worse. They say Israel will only provoke the arsonists. This entitles Palestinians to start new and bigger fires in acts of revenge. This is the mechanism by which Israel is made responsible for Palestinian "arson" (read terrorism)!

Intellectual poverty

Israel is persuaded - in her own interests - not to put out the fires. Not to arrest the "arsonists". Not to take out their leaders and planners. Not to fight back against those who attack them with deadly weapons. Not to take preventive measures to frustrate those plotting new, bigger, more deadly terror operations.

If only Israel heeded their advice the fires would eventually burn out and the arsonists would no longer start up new fires. What intellectual poverty!

No cure for recidivist killers

Yes. Palestinian terrorists indeed are serial killers. Basking in the adulation of the Arab street after killing their first Israelis - and getting away with it - recent history shows that terrorists do not stop killing until arrested or are killed by security forces. In contrast to the Palestinians' so called right to be provoked, Israel haters share a consensus that Israel has no such right. Nor even the right of self defense.

Do they expect us to lie down, family by family, to await the "friendly fate" the Palestinians have in store for us? How absurd! Why would anyone think that Jews, in their own sovereign state, would be so stupid as not to defend themselves?

Israel's position has been clear and consistent. We would much rather suffer the slings and arrows of bad mouthing and boycotts - resulting from our fire-fighting defense actions - rather than run out of cemeteries to bury our butchered.

Serial killers - serious consequences

Would any civilized country apply the same "reasoning" to murderers in their own country, and the police who hunt them down? Especially serial murderers - those with whom Israel must daily contend? Surely we all recall how the US recently mobilized thousands of its mighty security apparatus to find just two serial killers, John Lee Malvo and John Muhammed. They were suspected of sniping at 14 or more persons, killing at least 6 in Montgomery County.

9/11 revisited

In killing 3000 Americans and reducing the World Trade Center to rubble, the US came up against the cruel, murderous face of terrorist Islam. Their handiwork clearly visible, the US recognized the enemy and immediately declared war on world terrorism.

Thinking about 9/11 a terrible thought crossed my mind. Suppose passengers on board the second aircraft had also resisted the terrorists - as did those in the plane which crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Suppose in the ensuing uproar, blood, guts and panic, the plane veered off course for a few seconds - and crashed into the United Nations building instead?

Would the European Union and so many other nations still be such good friends of Palestinian terrorism, had their top diplomats, officials and homeland visitors been vaporized by the Muslim terrorists? Must it actually happen in order to understand Israel's reality?

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