Revised Road Map:
Terrorists safe, settlements frozen, State by Dec, 2003,
in return for verbiage and photo-ops

By IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

#1 Israel commits to stop "attacks on civilians, deportation, building demolition," etc.: Arafat's Fatah Tanzim, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and all the other terrorists not wearing PA security force uniforms when they are out murdering Israelis all qualify as "civilians". Under the road map, Israel forfeits its sovereign right to self defense.

#2 Palestinian security-related obligations limited to talk and photo-opportunities ["begin" action]

#3 Israel forfeits a say regarding Palestinian compliance: There are no standards, benchmarks, etc. for Palestinian performance, with the Quartet "taking into account performance of both parties" = a guaranteed "pass" for the Palestinians as no matter what they do or don't do, the Quartet, out of interests that transcend the Israeli-Palestinian issue, will sign off, balancing the most grotesque of Palestinian behavior against anything they can think up against Israel.

#4 Palestinian state in 2003 - contrary to the many Israeli politicians and analysts who have been asserting that the Palestinian state issue "is not relevant" at the present time, the Road Map makes the Palestinian state immediately relevant as Israel is expected to take its formal position on the Road Map immediately after the elections.

#5 Mention of Saudi peace initiative = right of return of Palestinian refugees

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis



The Jerusalem Post, 29 December 2002

Exclusive: Summary of the Revised Road Map

Below is the official summary of the Quartet's "road map," released to The Jerusalem Post by a highly placed diplomatic source privy to Quartet discussions.

Summary of the Road Map

Stage I - January-June 2003:

The first stage makes explicit reference to the Tenet Plan, Mitchell Proposal and the Saudi peace initiative.

Stage I is not based on a step-by-step approach but on parallelism.

Role of the Quartet: Informal monitoring and consultations with parties to begin formal monitoring and implementation.

Mutual commitments: Both Israel and Palestinians call for an end to violence and both promise to stop incitement. Renewal of Israeli-Palestinian Security Cooperation.

Israeli commitments: Total settlement freeze (including natural growth) and dismantling out posts erected since March 2000. Stops "attacks on civilians, deportation, building demolition," etc. Return to September 28, 2002, positions.

Palestinian commitments: Elections as soon as possible.Undertake "visible effort to arrest, disrupt, restrain terrorists." PA security "begins sustained targeted operations against terror and commences confiscation of weapons." Security reforms. Fiscal transparency - all donations through one account. Political reforms - begin formulating constitution, appoint interim prime minister or empowered cabinet with executive authority."

Stage II June-December 2003:

Stage II will begin after PA elections and ends with the creation of a Palestinian state.

Role of Quartet Movement from Stage I into Stage II is determined by Quartet based upon "consensus judgement of Quartet, taking into account performance of both parties."

Mutual commitments: Attending international conference convened by Quartet where an agree mentwill be reached on the establishment of a Palestinian state with "provisional borders" and "attributes of sovereignty." Continued security cooperation.

Palestinian commitments: Formal establishment of office of prime minister. Ratification of constitution. Consolidation of political reform, institution building.

Stage III January 2004-2005:

Stage III begins after the creation of a Palestinian state.

Role of Quartet: Movement from Stage II into Stage III is determined by Quartet based upon "consensus judgement of Quartet, taking into account performance of both parties."

Mutual commitments: Attending second international conference for final status talks on borders, settlements, refugees, and Jerusalem. Settlements based on UN Resolutions 242, 338, 1397. "Agreed, just, fair and realistic solution to the refugee issue." "Negotiated resolution to Jerusalem."

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