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Dear Friend of Israel:

The world is changing in ways we once never thought possible. Militant Islamic terrorists attack Jews, Israelis, Americans and others with bombs, bullets and missiles.

The security of Americans, once so assured, was shattered by ruthless terrorist assaults.

The Palestinian anti-Israel (and Jewish) campaign has sparked a furious outbursts of anti-Semitism in Europe – a continent, lest we forget, that 60 years ago became a charnel house for the destruction of the Jewish people.

The enemies of democracy and freedom have launched a campaign aimed at denouncing and undermining our most cherished values.

In such a world there must be voices openly championing freedom, that don't fail to call inhumanity the scourge it is and are willing to take stands against fabrication, untruth, hypocrisy and bias.

Such an institution is the Freeman Center.

Founded 10 years ago with the express purpose of defending Israel and the Jewish people against injustice, the Freeman Center's scope has expanded to embrace the very cause of democracy and freedom itself in the belief that Israel today stands on the very front line of this struggle.

The Freeman Center's activities revolve around matters of national media advocacy, coalition building and the development of resources to be used by students, government officials, journalists, educators and academics for the advancement of Israel's case in the media. In ten years, it has developed into one of the most active and prolific pro-Israel organizations in the country.

A brief review of its activities will suffice to convince you of this truth.

National Media Advocacy

**** Opinion pieces by some of the Center's current and former esteemed research associates and journalists -- including, Louis Rene Beres, Christopher Barder, Michael Freund, Avi Davis, Major Shawn M. Pine, Boris Shusteff , Yossef Bodansky, Mark E. Langfan, Prof. Paul Eidelberg and Emanuel A. Winston -- have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Times, Chicago Tribune, Jerusalem Post, Melbourne Age, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Jewish Week, The Maccabean Online, The Jewish Press and Los Angeles Jewish Journal among hundreds of other papers and journals around the world.

**** Workshops and media advocacy training sessions have been run in Los Angeles , Jerusalem and Houston attracting hundreds of individuals seeking to better represent Israel's case to the world.

**** Freeman Center representatives appear regularly on Fox , CCN, and MSNBC explaining Israel's case and linking its current struggles to America's war against terrorism.

**** The Freeman Center's first film documentary The Massacre of Truth: Jenin and the Foreign Correspondents is currently in production and will be an extraordinary expose of the levels of fabrication and untruth that foreign correspondents will stoop in order to obtain a story. The Freeman Center's landmark book by Yossef Bodansky, ISLAMIC ANTI-SEMITISM AS A POLITICAL INSTRUMENT was published in both English (1999) and Hebrew (2000).

Coalition Building

**** In Los Angeles the Freeman Center has been instrumental in the founding of the Israel-Christian Nexus, a program funded by the Jewish Community Foundation and aimed at building links between Jewish and Christian groups in support of Israel.

**** In Houston an outreach program has begun with the Hindu community with the aim of developing strong ties with this overlooked group throughout the country based on our common interests of defeating radical Islam. An alliance with Christian Zionists has long been in place.

Resource Development

**** The Freeman Center Web Site, containing thousands of pages of archived materials, is visited by tens of thousands of individuals a month (from 78 countries who download 1560 megabytes of pro-Israel material), including government representatives, politicians, academics and thousands of students at institutes of higher learning. The Web Site has been verified by Google one as being in the top 1% of the world's sites in quality and traffic.

**** The Freeman Center's Web Site and broadcast service (freemanlist), which issues opinion pieces and news from around the world to its subscribers has been rated by the Jewish Internet Directory (third edition, 2002) as "one of the best resources of its kind on the Net".

**** The Freeman Center's Houston library has over 4,000 volumes on Israel and the Middle East, making it one of the richest libraries of its kind in the world and is regularly visited by patrons from around the world.

**** With such an outstanding record of achievement in a relatively such a short space of time, the Freeman Center is an example of will and dedication devoted to a single purpose.

**** But it cannot survive on good wishes alone. Its many activities require active financial support and assistance. You now have the opportunity to do just that.

**** Click here to make a pledge or send a check to be sure that your voice and the voices of those concerned about freedom and liberty are being heard loud and clear. This is your opportunity to make a difference. This is your chance to make sure your beliefs and messages are being delivered to the world.

Support the Freeman Center and you support freedom, liberty and the Jewish people's right to live in security in their own land. Click here to find out how.


Bernard J. Shapiro,
Executive Director

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