by Emanuel A. Winston

If you recall Homer's epics The Odyssey and The Illiad, the Greeks build a giant, wooden horse with a hollow belly. A handful of armed Greeks climbed in. The Trojans came out of Troy to receive the huge horse as an offering of peace. At night, the Greeks unsealed the belly of horse, climbed down and killed the Trojan sentries, opening the city gates to the hidden Greek army. After 10 years of useless battle, the Greeks freely slaughtered men and boys, selling the women and girls as slaves. *

The time-honored custom in dealing with small democracies, like the State of Israel, is as follows: America pretends to tell the truth and Israel pretends to believe it.

Behind each plan assembled by diplomats, politicians and dictators one can usually find a hidden agenda. In the case of the "Road Map", one may look for several hidden agendas.

One would be that, in consideration of the coming war with an Arab/Muslim country, Iraq, and the claimed humiliation of the Muslims in losing a war to the Christian West, something of a compensatory nature would have to be offered to the Arab world. This compensation is already built into the Bush/Quartet "Road Map: by the re-partitioning of Israel and more - much more.

In addition, the terms of the "Road Map" plan (as re-written by Colin Powell's U.S. State Department) already embody the unspoken matter of allowing or blinking at the expected non-compliance by the Arab Palestinians - as occurred flagrantly under the Oslo Accords. The words of "responsibility" will be in the Plan but, only Israel will be expected to comply. Every breach on the part of the Arab Palestinians and their Arab nation supporters will be ignored and relegated to useless discussion in the United Nations as before.

Recall that, after the Oslo Accords were signed in 1991, the U.S. Congress passed a law requiring the U.S. State Department to report on the compliance of the Palestinian Authority in order to receive American aid. The State Department regularly issued misleading and false reports of Palestinian Authority compliance every year in order to maintain the cash flow to Chairman Yassir Arafat. Therefore, relying upon any commitment in practice to force compliance by the Arab Palestinians is a virtual non-starter IF the Quartet (U.S. State Department, United Nations, European Union and Russia) is in control.

The concept of a "Trojan Horse" being pulled up on the shores of Israel for a sneak attack is appropriate. Israel has had almost 10 years of bitter experience with those PLO terrorists and illegal weapons being injected into the heartland of Israel from the "Trojan Horse" provided by the Oslo Accords. More than 1000 Israelis have been murdered, thousands more grievously wounded - many maimed for life - including hundreds of children.

Israel has an optimistic tendency to wallow in continual negotiations, affixing words to contracts, expecting them to be meaningful and, if signed, complied with. Arabs and Muslims, on the other hand, will sign anything, agree to anything, knowing that, by custom and culture, they can walk away from any contract (in the name of Islam), with little concern for signatures agreeing to commitments. They seem to know that non-compliance is accepted (even expected) of them and that the West will do nothing punitive when barbarous massacres kill Jews.

The Jews have yet come to grips with this custom. They fuss over every jot and tittle of agreements, fully intending that they will comply and expecting the other side to do the same. When the other party abrogates, they become confused, issue complaints, demand a cure, or they go to the agreement's guarantor(s), usually America, to redress the grievances of violated contracts. When all outside guarantors dodge the issue of compliance, the Jews tend to ignore the breach and try for yet another agreement which incorporates prior broken agreements, hoping for success in the next piece of paper. This tendency of NOT demanding compliance has not been overlooked by the Arab/Muslims, Yassir Arafat, the Europeans and/or the U.S. State Department. In fact, they count on it.

Therefore, the "Road Map" is already shot through with opportunities for non-compliance by the Arab Palestinians. The drafters of this nefarious, impotent - yet hazardous - agreement has already crafted the outcome to satisfy the Arab/Muslims, while expecting Israel to accept every breach and abrogation of the "Road Map". I have little doubt that IF a bit of investigating were done, one would find the fingerprints of the old team of Bush, Sr., Jim Baker, Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller, Daniel Kurtzer, Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and all of Arafat's cronies - in essence - all the well-known enemies of the Jewish State.

Remember that the Quartet (especially the State Department) re-wrote the June speech by President George Bush, that had some small mitigating statements requiring that the Arab Palestinians remove Arafat from leadership and cease terror. However, when the Quartet's drafter's re-wrote it, those provisions were removed. The Quartet will, of course, deny hidden agendas or incorporating long-standing bias into this agreement. Recorded history for each of the participants, however, will show a deep-seated bias against the Jewish people which intensified with the successful establishment of a Jewish nation. Their betrayals are invariably couched in the words: "Trust Me." Sure. When we learn to rely only upon ourselves and G-d?

Thus, a "Road Map" has been drawn up which purports to lead to peace but, the hidden agendas contemplate Israel's eventual submersion in a sea of hostile Muslim Arabs fulfilling the mandate of Islam toward all non-Muslims, namely conversion or elimination.

So, the Quartet's "Road Map" is, indeed, a treacherous Trojan Horse to be pulled through the gates of Jerusalem. I cannot help but wonder if Israeli's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon joins his opponent in the January 28th election, Amram Mitzna, along with Peres and Beilin, to pick up the rope leading the latest "Trojan Horse" into the country?

I am reminded that the nations who have gathered again to decide the fate of the Jews are the same nations who participated in killing the Jews. Some collaborated by closing their borders to Jews, even to Jewish children. During WWII, a bill was put before the U.S. Congress to allow in 25,000 Jewish children. The opposition stated that, "It was against G-d's will to allow these children in without their parents". The bill failed and those children were murdered. Over a million and a half children were put to death and these same nations looked on dispassionately.** (Before WWII, England, to their credit, took in 10,000 Jewish children who had been sent out of Germany by desperate parents who could not escape).

But, times change. December 17th, England's Prime Minister Tony Blair and Queen Elizabeth invited the arch terrorist, Syria's President Bashar Assad, to London for a red carpet reception and tea with the Queen. Even the LONDON TIMES was shocked and angry. Other British papers castigated Blair for cozying up to State sponsors of Terrorism. Syria hosts at least 10 Terror Organizations.

I have never forgotten nor forgiven these nations and their decision makers, Axis and Allies alike. A cruel world turned on the Jews only 60 years ago and now it seems to be happening again.

Today's American Congress has been a staunch friend and supporter of the Jewish State of Israel as a fellow democracy with shared values and a strong, dependable ally in the Middle East. Let us hope that they will defy the Quartet's re-write and fight the nefarious "Road Map" diktats to Israel.


*"The Trojan War" by Gail Stewart 1996 Microsoft Encarta, World Book Encyclopedia

** Ed Koch (former Mayor of New York), Bloomberg Radio Commentary December 7, 2002:

"We are now going through the most virulent anti-Semitic period since Hitler and Stalin. Nearly 60 years after the end of World War II almost every country on the European continent, including England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and the Scandinavian countries, has seen major outbreaks of physical violence against their Jewish citizens, and against Jewish institutions, including synagogues and cemeteries. At the same time, open hostility toward the State of Israel is at an all-time high."


Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

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