by Yoni Netanyahu

"I see with sorrow and great anger how a part of the people still clings to hopes of reaching a peaceful settlement with the Arabs.

Common sense tells them, too, that the Arabs haven't abandoned their basic aim of destroying the State; but the self-delusion and self-deception that have always plagued the Jews are at work again.

It's our great misfortune. They want to believe, so they believe. They want not to see, so they shut their eyes.

They want not to learn from thousands of years of history, so they distort it. They want to bring about a sacrifice, and they do indeed.

It would be comic, if it wasn't so tragic. What a saddening and irritating lot this Jewish People is!"

The writer goes on, "The Wars of the Jews" are always the ugliest and hardest of all.

These are the wars of apologetics and futile bickering, suppression or distortion of facts, and procrastination in making decisions.

There is no doubt that what's called for is new leadership, a more correct perception of the realities, a sound recognition of the enemy's aims, and clear, definitive strategic-political planning.

There must be no fumbling in the dark and no more tactical expedients, for these will get us nowhere. If we don't have a well-defined, realistic objective, we won't have to fight the Arabs for our survival.

The Arabs won't need to fight. The Jews, as usual, will destroy themselves."

He ends by saying, "In the main, the people, as a body, lacks the perserverence while it abounds in political and military blindness. But I repeat, maybe this time we'll sober up."


The name of the author:
Yoni Netanyahu Z"L (hero of the Entebbe raid), in letter to his Mom and Dad, 11/17/73

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