by Arieh Stav

The reader is no doubt astonished by the fact that the current edition of Nativ contains no reference to the central issue on the national agenda, i.e.: the expulsion of Jews from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria as a first stage of the anticipated ethnic cleansing in Judea, Samaria and Gaza; the problem is the lack of tools to address this issue rationally.

Isn't the very attempt to present and explain the political failure and the moral disgrace, which is Sharon's action is an insult to the intelligence. Is it necessary to again emphasize that the introduction of the Egyptian army into the Gaza Strip is a strategic failure, the likes of which, in any proper country, would lead to the Prime Minister's removal within 24 hours and his being tried before a military tribunal on counts of treason? Is it not self-explanatory that the expulsion of Jews by Jews from Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the cradle of the Jewish nation and Zionism's raison d'etre, is sinking to depths unprecedented in Jewish history? After all, everything has been written and rewritten and rehashed in the patient pages of this periodical.

However, is Sharon indeed guilty? True, a corrupt con artist captured the Israeli premiership, one who led his voters astray and stole their votes. However, Sharon is not alone. Sharon is only a manifestation of the spiritual and moral prostitution of the general public, which bows its head and acquiesces as if possessed by a demon. The fact that a majority of the government of the Jewish State, and all the more so the Israeli Knesset, supports transfer is testament to the moral bankruptcy and the system-wide madness to which we are all subject. This ease, with which Sharon collects these wretched, obsequious, avaricious souls to surround him in perpetrating a national crime that is what arouses horror and despair. Here we see the head of the Judenrat appoints the Jewish capo who entices the victims of the ethnic cleansing with bribes; here the Jewish policemen are preparing the detention pens to incarcerate opponents of the expulsion; here is the Jewish judge pleased with the result: The houses of those expelled will be destroyed, the work to which they devoted their lives is lost. Synagogues, schools, public institutions will be transferred to the murderers, the heirs of the Third Reich.

Is it possible to imagine a similar phenomenon in a normal society, among a populace, which has not totally lost its survival instinct?

Can one imagine a more profound moral nadir than the 'Israel Defense Forces" expelling a Jew from his land and destroying his house? An army whose hands were tied, preventing them from liquidating the murderous Arab gangs, and was therefore ordered to turn on its own people? Here we see the Israeli Defense Minister preparing the IDF destruction units; while the same colorless, pathetic character, a former IDF Chief of General Staff, declares, "next year there will not be even one Jew remaining in the Gaza Strip" has the man lost his mind to the point that he is quoting the perpetrators of the Final Solution? Indeed, if his scheme is successful, he will be able to rub his hands and note with satisfaction Also, Gaza ist Judenrein, to paraphrase the words Hans Frank, the executioner of Poland after the deportation of Warsaw's Jews.

True, we can hope that ultimately Sharon will break his political neck and his name will be inscribed for eternal infamy in the annals of the nation. The question is whether together with him he will drag us down with him to oblivion. I know that these are harsh words and it is conceivable that the undersigned will be forced to pay the price. However in a world in which Sharon and his ilk are running free, sitting in detention will be considered an honor.

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