by Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East analyst & commentator

David Brooks' OpEd "Make No Mistake" in the NEW YORK TIMES of December 21st led me into a line of thought about how the Middle East's Gordian knot may not be untied or cut. Brooks seems to think that the mistakes made in the Middle East can be packaged and called success.

There is a term called a "Rolling Horizon" which means that things appear as the earth turns and one sees the emerging dawn. The fight for survival by Israel's 5 million Jews against billions of dedicated radical hostile Islamists is such an event with a Rolling Horizon. Think of these events coming into view as micro-slices. Each appears slowly, thus exposing the history - something like this:

*Christians and Muslims developed a philosophy and history which demonized the Jews for thousands of years.

*Hitler had a program which utilized these thoughts to kill of all Jews to which he recruited a willing Europe, previously well imbued with hatred.

*The Americans and England did not interfere with Hitler's killing machine and did not even threaten reprisals for Genocidal war crimes - of which their Intelligence was cognizant throughout the war years. The Rolling Horizon for the Jews rolled on.

*Hitler succeeded in murdering 6 million Jews, 1 million are children. Europe then had a temporary spell of guilt as participants in the Holocaust.

*WW2 ended and a remnant of Jews escaped from the Nazi death camps to Palestine - their ancient homeland for 3000 years. The British tried to stop the Jews' migration and imprisoned captured Jews on Cyprus.

*The Arab Muslims, dedicated allies to Hitler, pledged to finish his job to kill all the Jews.

*The U.N. reluctantly partitioned a narrow slice of land for the Jewish survivors to have a State.

*1948, the independent State of Israel is declared. 6 Arab armies attacked but were beaten back by the Jews coming from the graveyards of Europe and the British detention camps on Cyprus.

*The Arab Muslim nations (who were given their states after WW1 courtesy of the Free West) pledged war while the U.S. and Europe boycotted arms shipments to the embattled Jewish Israelis. Their assumption was that the Arab armies would easily finish the fledgling Jewish State and their 'Jewish problem' would be over, appeasing Arab Muslim oil countries by their conquest.

And the Horizon rolls on.

*Six Arab armies attacked and were ignominiously defeated in an embarrassing rout they called their "Nakba" (Disaster).

*More Arab wars followed, interspersed with continual Terror attacks, while the pro-Arab U.S. State Department worked closely with the Saudis, Egypt and even Iraq (until 1990) by subverting Israel, for whatever benefits to the multi-national oil companies and arms manufacturers.

The Camp David Accords were signed in 1979 and Egypt was given the entire Sinai Desert with all the infrastructure Israel built at a cost of $17 Billion dollars - including oil fields Israel discovered and developed which would have allowed Israel to be self-sufficient in energy forever. Camp David subsequently collapsed into an ice-cold peace and the 60 side letters signed by Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egypt's President Anwar Sadat - agreeing to normal state-to-state relations - were never instituted by Egypt and are now null and void.

Presently, another normalization agreement with Trade as the supposed substance is being negotiated BUT, Egypt still refuses to return their Ambassador to Israel.

Egypt was bribed by the United States to keep the illusionary Camp David peace at a price of $2 Billion a year since 1979 - now adding up to some $60 Billion. Egypt put most of that money into a huge arms stockpile which, as Senator Frank Church once said makes Egypt the military colossus of the Middle East. Egypt was selected by the State Department as Iran's replacement after Jimmy Carter facilitated the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini. Egypt was to take over Saudi Arabia in order to protect the oil fields (supposedly representing U.S. interests) - IF Syria or Iran ever invaded. Presumably, that Plan is still operational unless Egypt goes radically Islamic after Mubarak is out of office - one way or another.

The Horizon is rolling faster.

More wars, more funds coming from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Libya to build Terrorist organizations to harass Israel which continues on to this day. We should recognize the fact that the arms' smuggling tunnels from Egypt into Gaza is simply War on a different scale.

Somewhat earlier a consortium of these same nations selected and funded Pakistan to develop an Islamic Nuclear Bomb. The investment was to give to each of the investors either an actual bomb or the technology to build it themselves.

This has already happened, notwithstanding denials that the transfer of nuclear technology to all has taken place. (Saudi Arabia and Egypt continue to have a veil of secrecy as to the level of their nuclear programs.)

'Intifada' I and 2 was convened by Yassir Arafat, with funds coming from America, Europe and especially from UNRWA (United Nations Refugee Works Association) passing directly through to the Terrorist organizations. All of the Terrorist organizations and Arab/Muslim nations pledge continual war, with their goal being the elimination of the Jewish State - broken only by occasional useful 'Hudnas' (truces) which allowed the re-assembly of Terror units damaged by Israeli counter attacks. We've seen this Horizon many times.

Comes the secret Accords of Oslo, initiated by Israel's Labor Left and foreign nations to give up territory for Peace, resulting in an abysmal failure, with Jews being murdered at a prodigious pace. Since Oslo was signed on the White House lawn September 13, 1993, Muslim Arab Terrorists have killed more than 1500 Jews with suicide bombs on buses, restaurants, synagogues, schools, homes, on the roads with ambush attacks, firebombs and any other way of killing Jews. Tens of thousands more were wounded, many maimed for life with shrapnel, nuts, bolts and nails left in their bodies, amputated limbs, lost eyes and other grotesque losses. Israel receives brief expressions of condolences after each atrocity but, the 'donors' continued funding Arafat's Terror Palestinian Authority now under a temporary regime.

There has never been an investigation of this illegal foment of treason nor were its assemblers and enablers ever indicted or tried.

Yassir Arafat may be dead but his policies continues to frustrate his donors by not even demonstrating any pretense of peace talks - let alone a cessation of Terror. But, his donor nations still felt free to come down hard on Israel who was cast as the spoiler for this great future "Peace". Their pretext is, of course, with Arafat gone, those who take his place will NOT be Terrorists.

9/11 occured and the "Sleeping Giant" bestirs itself and attacks Afghanistan, looking for Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Then Iraq was attacked; Saddam captured - Success. After the great military success, unanticipated Muslim insurgents and 'Mujahadin' (Holy Warriors for Islam) came from Syria began to kill American and Allied troops as well as all the various foreign construction and aid workers who came to put Iraq back together for better living along with the freedom America gave her. Syria remains protected by the State Department and others in Washington, as always. Why? And Who?

President Bush discovered that the newly freed Iraqis are not really grateful and may actually be acting as shields for a mix of Terrorists (local and also from every other Arab Muslim nation).

The U.S. State Department and speech writers came up with the slogan of "Road Map" on the assumption that Israel should make more appeasing gestures to pacify the Arab Muslim Palestinians. Bush is trying to appropriate millions of American tax-payers' dollars to shore up Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) who is unlikely to last a year but, he will serve as a 'talking suit' long enough to force upon Israel unacceptable conditions.

Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, at the behest of Bush's political needs, offers the "ethnic cleansing" of Jews from Gaza. The Terrorists take the gesture of appeasement as a clear sign of weakness and speedily increase their launching of Kassem rockets and digging of smuggling tunnels with Egypt's wink and nod. So far more than 5000 Kassem Rockets and mortars have landed in the civilian areas of Gush Katif, plus another couple of hundred over the "Green Line" into Sderot and other Israeli towns.

Israel's most dedicated enemies and friends jump on Sharon's retreat as a sign that he is on the run and can additionally be forced to make all the "West Bank" (Judea and Samaria) "Judenrein" (Free of Jews), giving 3 to 5 million Arab Muslim Palestinians the Jews' property which would include their houses, farms, factories, and all the infrastructure needed, water, electricity, roads, schools, businesses for an instant second State of Palestine. Israel's enemies - including the E.U., U.N., pro-Arab U.S. State Department, the Arab League (with reservations) and surprisingly, George Bush - now find that Arik Sharon is their hero - or said another way when Caesar's friends gather around him. "Et Tu, Brutus?"

Bush, through the State Department, double crosses his "friend" Sharon and demands that Sharon's Gaza "Disengagement" now include all the Jewish settlements in YESHA, Judea and Samaria - the "West Bank". Mahmoud Abbas, now titular head of Arafat's Palestinian Authority, is still claiming all of the Land for another State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital as he pledges in Arabic to follow Arafat's Terrorist path.

Now we see radical non-Jewish Jews of the extreme Left cheering Sharon's abandonment of the Land of Israel as a 'wise and statesman-like' move to bring the word "Peace" as the lubricant for Israel's slide into extinction.

David Brooks (remember him at the beginning of this essay?) quotes Henry Siegman of the Council of Foreign Relations. Siegman is no friend of Israel - or, at least, he is a declared adversary of all who refuse to abandon their Land. Brooks' clever reverse spin on every failure of the Arabs, the Jewish Left, the Europeans, the Arabist State Department as a positive happening - in his opinion. Brooks mocks the Security Fence in a sarcastic way, ignoring the accumulated evidence that it was to be the 1967 Auschwitz borders as they were so called by Abba Eban.

Brooks quotes the Left Liberal Robert Satloff who posts an article into The Weekly Standard to the effect that Sharon's "Disengagement" will constitute a huge leap both in psychology and strategy, rivaling the Oslo Accords in historic importance. This follows that the U.S. is raising more millions to help build a decent Palestinian polity.

Gimme a break!

The custom of dispersing donor funds to Palestinian Muslims through well established rat tunnels for Arab Terrorists cannot be wished away. Brooks should know that. But, Brooks is building a misfit puzzle, ignoring all reality to keep the hype going across the globe that we can appease Muslim Terrorists both in Israel and world-wide.

I wonder, Mr. Brooks, if you would commit 'Sepeku' (Japanese ritual suicide of honor) if you are wrong and thousands of Jews and other innocents must die to prove your point. I once personally asked this question of Arik Sharon but, never received an answer.

On December 22nd Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair visits Israel and meets with Sharon to propose one of those infamous International Conferences in London, promising not to put Israel on the block but, as demonstrated in Madrid by Jim Baker's "Jew-Boys", the trap is ready to be sprung. Blair swore up and down that the Conference would only deal with assisting the Palestinians but, you the history of the British.

In his TV Press Conference with Blair, PM Sharon appears with small spastic movements of his head and is constantly looking down at his protruding stomach, giving the impression of extreme discomfort - as if he is a lowly person meeting with a royal leader. He starts to babble about further withdrawals beyond Gaza in a puppy-like way, wiggling to appease his betters. He says he will NOT attend such a conference but, I am sure he or Peres will! They want to spring the trap of International Pressure so they may later claim: "It's not our fault."

In the interim, Iran proceeds with its nuclear arsenal and nothing is said about Saudi Arabi and Egypt's nuclear acquisitions from Pakistan and North Korea.

These nations are all gathering against Israel with the misguided wish that, if they compress Israel and appease the Arab Muslims, the March of Islam against the Free West will cease. Since all Arab nations despise the Palestinian Arabs as a duplicitous, untrustworthy people, the sham use of their cause is merely a useful exercise to expand Islam Globally and win the Clash of Civilizations with World Domination for Islam.

In closing, I am deeply saddened by the political necessity of transporting critically wounded Americans soldiers 9 hours to Germany's Ramstein Airbase Hospital when they could receive faster care at the best in the most experienced trauma centers in the world - Israel. Would the Arab Muslims really feel that offended if American wounded were treated within only a few hours instead of 9 hours...which can make a critical difference.

The Rolling Horizon of Israel and the Jewish people just rolls on.

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