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Commentary By Btzedek

(December 30, 1996) Due to the political make-up of the Israeli parliamentary system, there are two ways in which an Israeli government can capitulate to Arab demands and world opinion. In order to cede land within the context of "land for peace," a left of center regime must conduct secret negotiations and deceitfully implement a policy based on these negotiations through the polarization of the electorate and an eventual electoral defeat. A so-called right of center government is forced through the left's media domination and world opinion to negotiate from a position of weakness and under the pressure of do or die, giving the stamp of approval to that which it would reject when out of power. Supporters of the nationalist camp in Israel are finally coming to the realization of the Israeli political reality. It was true that only Menachem Begin could give up the Sinai and it will be true that only Binyamin Netanyahu can create a Palestinian State.

Yisrael Harel, former leader of the communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, is among the few to first to articulate what the rest of the nationalist camp will recognize all too swiftly in the coming months. Harel gave his unyielding support to Netanyahu as the pretender to the right wing thrown. He now believes that the mistake was his. Harel in a recent interview (Arutz Sheva Dec. 26) stated, "that it will be exactly as it was with Menachem Begin. Just as Begin was able to bring about the withdrawal from the Sinai, and was able to declare his recognition of the legitimate rights of the Palestinians, which a leftist government would never have been able to do without arousing the opposition of half or more of the country, so too today: Peres and Rabin were not able to withdraw from Hevron, while Netanyahu is about to do so. They were not able to bring about an agreement whereby the settlements would be uprooted; it's a fact that [Labor MK Yossi] Beilin had to tell [Palestinian Authority negotiator] Abu Maazen, 'look, we just can't do more than this, or else there will be a revolution against us!'

But against the Likud government -- we are silent! Can you imagine what kind of massive protests there would have been if a boy and a mother of eight were murdered under the previous government?! But now, we are simply sleeping, and denying the reality! Is the man important, or are his policies important? If this man advances the cause of Eretz Yisrael and the communities, then we should support him, and if he does the opposite, then we must come out against him. This should be simple!"

It is clear that all the political pronouncements made by the Netanyahu government before he was elected have given way to the practicalities of the office. Harel is right when he states, "Clearly, the [Oslo] process leads to nothing other than a Palestinian state.

This means that [Netanyahu] is sending us clear messages, and we simply refuse to believe, just as we refused to recognize other circumstances that led to tragic consequences in this century. I foresee that, at this rate, there will be a total withdrawal from the areas of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, and the destruction of the settlements here, and there will be catastrophic consequences."

The future is indeed bleak. With Palestine as a safe haven for Arab incursions into Jewish communities, Israel has only just begun to fight for its survival. Israel has entered the beginning of a war of attrition in which piece by piece the Jewish State will be eroded through Jewish blood and the call for autonomy of Israeli Arabs. The entire region of the Galilee, where the majority of the population is Arab, will demand unification with the newly created Palestinian State. Once this is achieved, demands will be made by all the returning Palestinian "refugees" for the return of "their" land inside the Green Line. From Jaffa to Jerusalem claims will be made on Israeli territory by Arabs displaced in the Israeli War of Independence. Those who insist this as an impossible scenario are the same minions who refused to understand that the Camp David Accords and the Madrid Conference created the foundations upon which the state of Palestine was created. Were it not for the Israeli "right" wing, there would never have been a Palestine.

The Oslo Accords are indeed the fulfillment of the PLO "salami" strategy. That is to say, Israel shall be destroyed not through overt military action of Arab nations, but through the whittling away of Israeli resolve and slow but determined territorial expansion of a Palestinian state. Slice by slice Israel will be carved away by the knife of terrorism and world opinion, both deftly handled by the Israeli created Palestinian entity. The often touted solution of the Labor party calling for the separation of Israeli and Palestinian interests created by a Palestinian state is wishful thinking at best, but more accurately a dream of fools. Israel will not be freed of the Palestinian with the creation of a Palestinian State. The economic and security ties are too great for Israel to sever itself from Palestine. World pressure and internal Israeli sympathies will force Israel to allow Palestinian workers into Israel. Arab terrorism and the Palestinian promise to contain it will blackmail Israel into behavior most advantageous to Palestine. Arafat and his successors (once Arafat goes there will be numerous contenders who will assassinate each other at the drop of a hat) will manipulate the situation so as to keep Israel continuously involved in Palestinian "development," whether it be strategic or economic. This is not to mention Israeli involvement in attempting to keep Palestine demilitarized. Demilitarization is a logical impossibility that Israeli leaders will continue to enforce to the point of suicidal bilateral agreements of disarmament with Palestine.

As an example of the pressure that will be placed on Israel following its withdrawals from Area B of the Oslo Accords shortly after the Hevron pull out is best reflected by the statements made by US Undersecretary of Commerce Stuart Eizenstadt. While visiting Israel this past August, Eizenstadt more than mildly urged Prime Minister Netanyahu to make a place for the 180,000 Palestinian workers who worked in Israel in 1987 by expelling illegal non-Palestinian "foreign" workers. Today the number of non-Palestinian "foreign" workers, including illegals is 250,000. Israel is presently and will be in the future held responsible for the Palestinian economy. This is only one aspect of statehood that will incessantly keep Israel tied to the ever expanding Palestinian state. Palestinian problems will be Israeli problems. Eizenstadt commingled Israeli security with its ability to satisfy the needs of the Palestinians. He said, "There's a pressure cooker heating up in the territories," and it is Israel's responsibility to defuse the situation. Never shy with a comment in favor of Palestinian "advancement," Terje Larsen, former UN coordinator for the Palestinian Authority, insisted that Israeli security meant satisfying the needs of the Palestinians. This will not change, but rather intensify once a Palestinian State is declared.

If at this stage in the Oslo process we witness armed insurrection and brazen belligerence, what are we to expect with an emboldened Palestinian State? The terrorist murder of Eta and Ephraim Tzur is characterized and perversely normalized as a "strong popular reaction" to the "hardline Israeli government" by Yassir Arafat. Israel can expect no greater cooperation from a Palestine in the future. The safe haven of a Palestinian State will ensure increased terrorist activities in Jewish settlements and Israeli cities. Nor will Israeli resolve to battle this evil grow as calls for Jewish blood are heard from mosques and Palestinian leaders who have nothing to fear except their own positions with their constituencies. The need for reciprocity long harped on by the Netanyahu government has been ignored by the Palestinians and paid only lip service by the Israeli administration. The government refuses to take seriously individuals integral to the Palestinian culture of confrontation and violence.

When PFLP leader George Habash declares, "We pledge to our martyrs that we will continue our operations and military struggle," he must be taken as an authentic voice of Palestinian attitudes toward the Jewish State. When Hamas holds rallies with Arafat's approval, the pronouncements that come forth calling for more attacks against Israelis or signs reading "We worship Allah by killing Jews" must also be taken seriously. When in October Arafat asked, "Are there no stones left in Hevron? Where are the stones and where are the mobs? When we stopped the intifada, we did not stop the jihad. We know only one word: jihad, jihad, jihad!. . . War! War! Continue the struggle!", he must be taken seriously.

Israel is not without a preponderance of evidence signaling the battle that lay ahead. In a Yediot Ahronot article of December 20, 1996, Roni Shaked described the role of the Arab media guaranteeing the confrontation between Israel and Palestine. Additionally, Shaked quotes Othman Abu Garbiya, Arafat's "political guidance" aide to further bolster the position that the Palestinians have just begun their War of Attrition. Abu Garbiya, in an "order of the day" directed to "all officers and others responsible for the political guidance of the national security forces, the police, civil defense and the security apparatuses," the following:

"There is no choice but to note the gravity of the situation in which we find ourselves. We must prepare for all eventualities, including the worst possible ones. We must be ready and well-armed with all weapons and means in anticipation of these possibilities../... There is no option but to note that we expect nothing beneficial from the current occupation government and the occupation forces in general. We must recognize and understand that the movement of (Israeli) military forces is not without reason, and the large deployment of tanks did not come without any thought given to the possibility of their use. Thus, we must prepare on all fronts, so as not to be surprised../..."The fate of our people and homeland, and the fate of each of us are dependent on two spheres. The first -- the implementation of all the preparations for the worst possibilities. The second -- war, with all its negative effects on our people, and concern for national unity. "These things must be reflected in the performance of the missions of all commanders of all units../... all political guidance officers must begin an educational and cultural campaign on all levels, in order to increase the motivation and selfwill of all officers and soldiers to improve all aspects of their performance."

Shaked also notes the utterances of Marwan Bargouti, Fatah secretary-general in Judea and Samaria, "We have declared 1997 the year of the struggle against the settlements, under the slogan 'defense of the lands -- confrontation with the settlements." The effort is concerted and coordinated within all Palestinian offices and public bodies. Shaked writes, "Radio and television began broadcasting numerous reports on the settlements, called 'a cancer in the heart of the homeland,' and the public became acquainted with the slogan 'no peace with the settlements.' The Palestinian information office made its contribution in the form of a television film entitled 'The Approaching Fire' (52 minutes), which brought testimony from Palestinians whose lands had been expropriated, and extreme statements made by settlers."

Shaked insists that this is only the beginning of a Palestinian infrastructure prepared for war. Were it ever appropriate to cite the Biblical passage that the handwriting is on the wall, it is now. The majority of Jewish voters in Israel elected Binyamin Netanyahu as prime minister to safeguard the future of the Jewish State and it is time that he did so. It is far safer to withstand the onslaught of world opinion and Leftist Fifth-columnism than to move head-long into the abyss of death marked by the establishment of a Palestinian state. Our Site: http://www.btzedek.co.il

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