So Saith Husseini: "No Jews Allowed To Live In East Jerusalem!"

By Ruth and Nadia Matar

Faisal Husseini, coordinating his efforts with his Peace Now brethren, has a well planned strategy of attacking the seemingly natural development of an undeveloped area adjacent to the City of David. The building site is in the eastern part of the municipality of Jerusalem on land incontrovertibly owned by Jews for over a hundred years. It is not far from the historic Tomb of Absalom, and overlooks the Old City. The property is in the vicinity of the Biblical and historical Mount of Olives, where many, many of our revered and illustrious ancestors are buried. It is from the Mount of Olives, that, according to the Prophet Zechariah, the Messiah will come to bring a true peace to this Country and the world. Since that Prophet envisioned a completely restored Jewish Jerusalem, he would have been dismayed at the bias, hostility and perversion of history of Husseini and his cohorts.

Husseini has a long family tradition of hatred of the Jews which is deeply imbedded. His great-uncle was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, a recognized collaborator with Hitler; the great-nephew has never disassociated himself from such patent bias and hatred of Jews. Such is the nature of the leader of the opposition of this proposed Jewish building project!

Now theoretically, if civil rights groups heard that anyone except Jews were being excluded from living in certain areas of Jerusalem, they would be screaming that such exclusion constitutes a violation of basic human rights. The situation is even more ludicrous considering that Jerusalem is the Capital of the Jewish State of Israel. It was the Capital during the lengthy reign of King David and King Solomon, and remained that Capital for the Jews for the period of their 2000 year dispersion. Moreover, Jews have lived in this very area of Jerusalem long before there was an Arab People or a Muslim religion. How can Husseini justify his opposition to this project historically or otherwise?

If Husseini and Arafat (who is also a close relative of the former Grand Mufti), say Arabs cannot live peacefully alongside of Jews, then perhaps it is time to be realistic about the kind of peace that the Arabs contemplate. How do they succeed in duping the world community about their true murderous intentions towards the Jews? The time has come to expose the fraudulent peace posture of the Arafats and the Husseinis. Jewish building in Jerusalem on Jewish owned land, is a threat to no one who is seeking to truly live in peace. Threats of another intifada, and other sorts of intimidation do not validate outrageous and unfair opposition to such building. Let's read and heed the Prophet Zechariah, rather than Jew-hating, false, and deceitful prophets like Faisal Husseini and Yassir Arafat.

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