The Double Standard At Work: Two Articles

Article One

By Bernard J. Shapiro

On December 16th, President Clinton attacked Israel verbally accusing the Netanyahu government of causing a major threat to peace and possibly bringing about the end of the world as we know it. Also former Secretary of State James (F**K the Jews) Baker and seven other former national security employees attacked Israel. Let me get this straight: Arafat and the Arab world commit murder, incitement to murder, stockpile missiles armed with poison gas and lethal anthrax biological weapons, riot, commit the drive by murder of a women and her 12 year old child, fail to amend their charter calling for the destruction of Israel, import heavy weapons in preparation for war with Israel, burn Israeli flags, violate every provision of the Oslo Accords, refuse to extradite terrorist murderers, become safe havens for terrorists, abuse the human rights of their own people, including murder and torture, and more ad nauseam.

Netanyahu authorizes tax incentives for Israelis living under harsh conditions and perhaps the building a few houses on Jewish owned land within the boundaries of sovereign Israel.


Give me a break! Clinton is either stupid, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, a puppet of the oil companies, being blackmailed by the Arabs who have pictures of him in a compromising position or he is just misguided. One thing I am sure of: As a Rhodes scholar, Clinton is not stupid.

When will the Israeli government take the KICK ME sign off their back and stop taking such abuse (even from their "allies")? Maybe I am naive, but shouldn't Israel be full of MACCABEES.

Article Two

Freeman Center member, George Theiss, sent this letter to President Clinton via AOL


Dear Mr. President:

President Clinton, you and several former Secretaries of State and National Security Advisors (Brzezinski, Baker & Company) openly condemned Israel for expanding existing settlements. But why did neither you, nor they, publically condemn the murder of an Israeli woman and her 12 year old son by Palestinian terrorists? Why did neither you nor they condemn the violation of every line of the Oslo Accords by Yassir Arafat?

Examples of Palestinian violations are numerous, but here are just a few examples:

Failure to hand over Palestinian terrorists to Israeli authorities.

Failure to amend the PLO Charter calling for the destruction of Israel.

Open calls for Jihad (Holy War) by Arafat (in Arabic, not in English) against Israel.

Palestinian Police shooting Israeli soldiers, unprovoked, on a "tunnel pretext".

Desecration of Jewish Holy Places, such as Joseph's tomb in Shechem (Nablus).

Why were you, Brzezinski, Baker and Company also silent about the Muslim States arming themselves with weapons of mass destruction? Why not condemn their open threats to wipe out Israel? Why be silent about their desire to commit genocide?

Why not condemn brutal dictatorships in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Saudi Arabia? Are they not a threat to peace, according to you, Brzezinski, Baker and Company?

Why are Arab and Iranian missiles (purchased from North Korea and China) armed with Chemical, Biological (and possibly Nuclear) warheads not a problem to you champions of the peace process?

Baker and Bush, who started this lopsided peace process, both once called Texas their home. Neither would have ever dreamed of returning Texas to Mexico. After all, America won Texas fair and square in the Mexican War. And all's fair in love & war.

So why the double standard for Israel? Israel won its ancient homeland in the Golan, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip fair and square in the Six Day War of 1967 -- after centuries of illegal Muslim occupation of their God-given Jewish land.

Baker & Bush might argue that Israel should surrender these lands, because there are many Arabs living there. But there are many Mexicans living in Texas. Is that a reason to give back Texas to Mexico?

Baker and Bush might argue that Israel should surrender these lands, because the Arabs were there first. But the Mexicans were in Texas before the Americans came. Is that a reason to surrender Texas to Mexico?

Don't you, Brzezinski, Baker & Company know that the ultimate goal in the Muslim mind is the destruction of Israel? Don't you know, from their own statements, that the PLO & Hamas don't want peace, they want the genocide of the Jews?

Didn't the CIA, nor your State Dept. Arabists, tell you what the Palestinians say in Arabic? They say "First we kill the Saturday people, then we kill the Sunday people. Kill the Jews, wherever you find them."

But with Arab oil wealth propping up weak American banks, what are New World Order buffs like you to do, Mr. President? With Islamic terror spreading to America, what are Trilateral Commission strategists like Brzezinski & Baker to say?

Is it your answer to apply double standards and speak double talk? Keep Texas, but pressure Israel to surrender the strategic Golan Heights and West Bank? Call Israeli settlements a grave threat to peace, but remain silent about Muslim Jihad?

Have you never heard President Clinton, how you, Brzezinski, Baker & Company will one day have to stand before Almighty God to give account of yourselves? How will you justify your support of Muslim dictators in their Jihad of genocide against Israel?

I thank God for brave men like Jesse Helms and Ben Gilman, who will still stand up for Israel, the only country in the Middle East that genuinely wants peace. And I respect men like Kissinger and Schultz, who refused to sign the letter to Netanyahu.

Sincerely in Messiah,

George Theiss

USMC Vietnam Veteran

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