Guest Editorial


By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

When you first came to office you told us you would privatize Israel's radio and TV media. But, instead, you left the entire Labor Government's radically Left media in place. As a result, all of Israel is submerged daily in depressing news, carefully tailored to elevate the Left and attack the Right. The news is not merely unbalanced, it is distorted to a point that it is pure Leftist propaganda. Are you so blind to what it is doing to the minds of the people? Daily you are characterized as a fool. When you try to put through a program that Shimon Peres and the American government object to they simply press the button and an entire media industry dumps garbage on your head. (The American media echoes it).

When the Labor Left came to power, they had no fear of putting in their people. You, on the other hand, seemed to be quite fearful of putting in your own people. Who can forget when Prime Minister Begin came to power and he also left in place the entire Leftist establishment which worked day and night to unseat him? They succeed and, no doubt, they will succeed in replacing you. Most were shocked when upon assuming power you left in place such radical Leftists as Consul General Collette Avital who attacked you incessantly during the pre-election period. In the military there were numerous high ranking officers who placed ads condemning you while converting other officers to their pacifist ways. But, you left them in their positions to undermine your Administration and further lower the morale of the soldiers.

Is this the wisdom you brought to your rule? We all were impressed with your articulate, powerful words telling us how you would correct the path of appeasement. Were the words merely empty expressions. Is there now no conviction to fulfill those seemingly empty promises?

Get rid of those Leftists propagandists of the media. Retire the apologetic officers who weaken the military with their philosophy of appeasement. Transfer back those consular officers who daily work against you around the world, especially Artur Arnon in Chicago and Gidon Samet in Philadelphia.

Give an accounting of the national pressures arrayed against you in a "State of the Nation" address. Forget the nonsense of keeping diplomatic silence. Tell it all, because the Jews of Israel and the world have a right to know. Do we have a Netanayhu who is carved from the same stuff as Yoni or do we have a Netanayhu who has adopted the character of Peres. We all have a right to know since it is now a matter of life or death.

You knew that the Arabs would keep their promises of death and yet you bowed to their demands. Is it better to face their promises of death now or wait until all ability to fight has gone?

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