Yossef Bodansky joined the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies as its World Terrorism Analyst in 1994. He is the author of six books (Target America, Terror, Crisis in Korea, Offensive in the Balkans, Some Call It Peace and Arafat's Peace Process), as well as several book chapters, entries for the lnternational Military and Defense Encyclopedia, and numerous articles in several periodicals and specialized journals, including Global Affairs, Jane's Defence Weekly, Defense & Foreign Affairs: Strategic Policy, Nativ and Business Week. He has also lectured widely to professional audiences in the defense, intelligence and security fields in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Since 1988, Bodansky has been the Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare at the US House of Representatives.

This research paper, Islamic Anti-Semitism As A Political Instrument, is based on a book project in progress that is sponsored by the Freeman Center.


LOUIS RENE BERES, professor of political science and international law at Purdue University, lectures and publishes widely on matters relating to nuclear war, nuclear strategy and terrorism. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, on August 31, 1945, he was educated at Princeton (Ph.D., 1971) is the author of fourteen books dealing with international relations and international law as well as many monographs and articles in the field. He lectures and publishes widely in the United States, Europe and Israel on Israeli security matters. Professor Beres's work is well-known to the current Prime Minister and to senior Government and IDF officials

Professor Beres' forthcoming books include EARTH'S BODY: SELF AFFIRMATION AND WORLD ORDER, PRINCIPLES OF WORLD ORDER DESIGN and INTERNATIONAL LAW AND THE PREVENTION OF GENOCIDE. The author of many book chapters and articles in anthologies, his writings appear often in a large variety of journals and magazines. Professor Beres' earlier books include: PEOPLE, STATES AND WORLD ORDER; and TERRORISM AND GLOBAL SECURITY:THE NUCLEAR THREAT, which was the January 1980, Main Selection of the MacMillan Library of Political and International Affairs, and which is now in its second edition (Westview, 1987).

Professor Beres is a member of the Advisory Board of the NATIV Center for Policy Research (Tel-Aviv). In recognition of his early role in the scholarly examination of nuclear strategy and nuclear war, the NEW YORK TIMES described Professor Beres as "one of the leading philosophical underpinnings" of that genre.

Professor Beres has been an invited lecturer at conferences organized by DNA (Defense Nuclear Agency), and an invited participant at SCUSA (West Point), NAFAC (Annapolis) and JFK Special Warfare Center. He often embarks on lecture tours in Israel. Among his venues have been the Likud Security Group (chaired by AMB Zalman Shoval); the National Defense College (IDF); the BESA Center for Strategic Studies, the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies and International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. In the June/July 1995 issue of MIDSTREAM magazine, Professor Beres debates the Middle East Peace Process with Maj. Gen. Shlomo Gazit (Res.), a former chief of the IDF Intelligence Branch. E-MAIL: BERES@POLSCI.PURDUE.EDU

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