By Elyakim HaEtzni

[Kiryat Arba-Hebron] A calamity has befallen us G-d forbid in the wake of the recent secret agreement between the US, the PLO and Netanyahu. I say Netanyahu because the Israeli government is being left in the dark, and has been relegated to the status of a puppet government which will be maneuvered until the 15th of the next month - a deadline which has already been fixed. They will rubberstamp this agreement, which has already been finalized. The outlines of this agreement, were reported on Israeli TV by Dan Semema on Channer l as well as in reports in Yediot and Ma''ariv.

Let's start with the territorial aspect. Netanyahu has pledged to give Arafat, in the framework of the 2nd retreat, over 10% of Judea and Samaria. The head of the Labor Party, Ehud Barak, persistently claims that 10.5 % is to be relinquished. Arafat already holds 28%, including areas A and B. A is land totally transferred to Arafat. In the B area, Israel still maintains security control, but not municipal authority. However, for all intensive purposes B is lost for the Jewish nation. All land in B, land registry, the ability to buy and build, all is in Arafat's hands. No Jew can build a house or buy a house or do anything else in B. All Israel has in B is a superficial residuary presence. In other words A plus B equals 28% already taken away from Jewish people. Add to this 10 .5 % from C, after the upcoming retreat. At the end of the 2nd retreat Arafat will have 38.5 % of Judea and Samaria. The moment the land becomes either A or B it is lost to the Jewish people - not forever - there is a G-d, a Jewish people, but for all practical purposes, for the present, it is lost.

In addition, the agreement allows turning B to A, which adds to our security woes - more land will become a safe haven for murderers. This will be the price in blood. The price in land and in Jewish future is paid when C becomes B. The price in blood is paid when B turns into A. Both prices will be paid.

In the secret agreement, it was agreed that there will be a 3rd retreat. Netanyahu's claim that in consideration of this retreat there will not be a 3rd retreat is not true. It will probably be another 10 %. In other words, Arafat will have over 48%, going into the final status negotiations. Of course he will not get less than 15% in the final talks, taking into account that he has received 10% during each stage of the interim withdrawals. This means that he will have at least 65% of Judea and Samaria, leaving the Jews 35%. In the end I believe that we will only have 25 %. If you take the Judean desert and Jordan valley and a narrow strip of only 5 kilometers at the lower part of the Sharon, leaving us a little breathing room, this is already more than 30%. In other words, the entire mountain range from Jenin to south of Hebron, which is historically, culturally and religiously the Jewish land of the Bible, the heartland of the Bible , goes to Arafat. This is the relinquishment of Eretz Yisrael by a so-called national government.

Settlement-wise this means that 100 settlements will meet one of the following scenarios: 1. They will be uprooted - which the Likud calls this being moved into blocks. Barak had another definition - the settlements will be folded up. They will be uprooted and made part of old Israel - or moved into the small remnants of the 25% left in Judea and Samaria. 2. They will be put under Palestinian rule - in other words, given to Saddam Hussein. It will be as if you took Jews to Bagdad to live under Saddam Hussein. The rest I leave to your imagination. 3. They will stay under Israeli jurisdiction but will be surrounded by the Palestinian Authority and linked to areas belonging to Israel by one road. We call this Netzarization -similar to what is in Netzarim. The community of Netzarim in Gazza is totally surrounded by the PA and Arafat's forces. Any vehicle entering or leaving must have a military escort. The consequence of this kind of life is that only a few hundred people, real pioneers, can live like this. Human nature doesn't allow for thousands or tens of thousands to live this kind of life for very long. This means the very quick degeneration and disappearance of such settlements.

Should such settlements remain as small enclaves, each one must be protected by several platoons of soldiers. In the event of such an attrition for the Israeli army, the Israeli public will very quickly declare that for such a handful of zealots they are not ready to allocate such a large military presence. The army will have to spend too much time guarding, and not preparing for the next war. The public will refuse to have constant friction between the Israeli army and the Palestinian forces. The result of the peace for which we have give so much will ultimately lead to the uprooting of all these settlements. The primary example today is on the northern border, which has total public consensus. The Israeli public is worn down from such conflict.

All of these above scenarios will result in the eventual wiping out of all these settlements.

Timeout from building

This is typical to Netanyahu. He will deny it, but in actuality will give tacit orders to the deputy housing minister - Porush. In fact, this has already started. He has been told not to continue development at Har Homa. This will happen in all communities in Judea and Samaria starting from the beginning of February. On the 15th of January the puppet government will make the first decision. Between the 15th to end of January a meeting will take place between Arafat, Netanyahu and the Americans. The agreement will come into effect in the beginning of February.

For the settlements on the mountain there will be no need for a time out because after this agreement is publicized no one will buy or build a house or apartment in any of these doomed places. No one will be willing to put $80-100,000 in a place already doomed to fall into Arafat's hands - there won't be need for formal decision on a timeout.

Difference between maps

These are final status maps. The so-called Yitzhak Mordechai map was prepared by the leftist Oslo general Uzi Dayan on behalf of and under the orders of the late Rabin, leaving Israel only 50% before the beginning of final status talks, reaching same conclusions as we saw above.

The Ariel Sharon map includes settlements and vital interests - water , etc., leaving us with about 65%. If you leave Israel with 62% of Judea and Samaria and subtract the 28% that Arafat already has, you are left with 34%. This means that Arafat will not get more than 6% all together in the 2nd and 3rd retreats and final status negotiations. In order to save and not betray Eretz Yisrael, we can't give Arafat more than another 6%.

Foreign Minister David Levi has reacted to this Sharon Plan: In his words: "this is the end of the peace process for there isn't enough oxygen for the peace process to continue.

So, either the Jewish people will breathe or the peace process will breathe. David Levi wants the Jewish People to choke the and the peace process to breathe.

The next item in the secret agreement puts a lock on any possible outlet for the Jews to save themselves. It can be labeled 'how to whitewash the sins of Arafat' - his transgressions against his obligations as listed in the famous Dennis Ross note for the record. Or, 'how to hoodwink the people.' A special commission made up of Israel, the PA and American CIA which will create a mechanism for fighting terrorism. The minute Arafat signs this agreement, he is already in compliance. There will then be a token collection of arms and a few days without cursing Israel on the PLO media. There will be some token movements and the Americans will decide that this means compliance.

This means that the American CIA, a foreign spy organization, is the arbitrator of Israeli security. They will decide what steps Arafat and his cronies take are good or good enough for Jewish security. We are no longer masters of our own security. (All this taking into account that Jonathon Pollard is still languishing in their prison.)

On the Jubilee of the Jewish state the British mandate has changed to an American mandate. There is nothing so distinguishing between a sovereign state and non-sovereign state as being sovereign on security. Once security is in foreign hands you become a dependency. Netanyahu is turning Israel into an American dependency. America is to decide and America is to be responsible for our security. This goes far beyond Oslo.

Labor would never have done this; only the Likud could do such a thing.

One last point: To foreclose any escape for the trapped Jewish animal - what will happen if there is another slaughter of Jews during this period? The Israeli government has already agreed not to use closure on the Arabs. Israel will continue to employ people from where the murderers come.

Negotiations will continue, even in the face of terrorist attacks, G-d forbid. And the retreats will also continue. The Rabin-Peres governments immediately enforced closures and stopped retreats following terrorist attack. In other words, we are worse off today than we were then.

In addition we will not be allowed to blow up houses of murderers. We will not be able to confiscate land for bypass roads, making life in sieged settlements possible. The Labor party spent, for bypass roads, one billion shekels.

I know many families in Israel proper who already have bought apartments abroad. People are afraid - they can feel the frustration in the air.

Netanyahu's Hanukka present to Israel is gagged and bound State. The road to the end of the State of Israel is very short if we allow this to happen.

Quite simply, this is the beginning of the end of the Jewish state.

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