Editor's Note: Jewish ostriches should not read the report below. It is quite disturbing and conflicts the view that Israel is making 'peace' with its neighbors.

IsraelWire, Volume I, Issue 332 December 10 1998.. 12/10/1998, 20 Kislev 5759

Egyptian Opposition Paper:
Jews Use Christian Blood For Matza
and Carry Out Human Sacrifices

[Editor's Note: the opposition in Egypt is allied with Iran, Afghanistan, the Sudan, and has strong support in, PA controlled areas, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. It anti-Semitic views are widely accepted in the Arab/Moslem world and are expressed through speeches, sermons, cartoons, law, suicide bombings, stabbings, shootings and other attacks on Jews. It is the height of folly for Israelis and Jews to ignore this REALITY.]

Following is a translation of an article entitled "The Talmud, the Jews and Human Sacrifice" which appeared in the Egyptian opposition newspaper Al­Shaab on November 17, 1998. The article was written by Dr. Fahmi Abd al­Salaam.

"Throughout history, the Jews have been known to be a depressed and whiny people. There is a clear connection between the Jewish race and depression, and many writers have described Jewish depression as a trait characteristic of this despicable race. And we all remember Shakespeare's Shylock who was absorbed by dark bitterness and demanded a pound of human flesh.

In the important book "The Jews in Egypt in the Modern Era" by researcher Orpah Abdah Ali, which was published in 1991 and which surveyed the life and activity of the Jews in Egypt from the time of Muhammad Ali through 1967, there is a chapter about the religious ceremonies conducted by Jews on behalf of their God, who is the blood­thirsty God which the Jews invented in accordance with their nature. In that chapter it states that the Talmud, which is full of errors, falsehoods and fabrications, played an important part in the formulation of the of the phenomenon of "fanatic nationalism" among the Jews, and they prefer it over the Torah.

It also states in the chapter that the Jews carry out human sacrifices to please their blood­thirsty God. In this context, the book quotes the Talmud as saying "We have two ways of satisfying our God: the first is on the Feast of Matza [Passover], using matza mixed with human blood, and the second is the circumcision ceremony for our children." This, while the Jewish Encyclopedia says, "The rabbis have given their approval for carrying out human sacrifices of Christians to our God."

The author of the book surveys the methods by which the rabbis slaughter a person prior to his being sacrificed to God:

1. The first method is that the victim is brought while still alive and placed into a large barrel with sharp needles embedded in its side. The needles pierce the victim's skin and his blood begins to drip into the barrel. The more the victim moves due to the pain, the worse his wounds become until finally his body is emptied of all blood. Thus, when his soul departs from his body, the last drop of his blood leaves as well.

2. The second method is used in places which are not secure for Jews, where they are compelled to carry out their crimes quickly without enjoying them: they slaughter the victim by severing his neck and arteries after having placed a receptacle underneath him so the blood will flow into it.

Afterwards, the blood is gathered in a jar. These jars are brought on Passover and Purim to the leading rabbi, who blesses the blood. Then, they mix the blood together with flour to make matza. Afterwards, the matza is distributed to God­fearing Jews and they eat it with an appetite commensurate with the depth of their hatred for Jesus and Christians.

The conditions which the victim must fulfill to be fit for Purim, as noted by the author, are as follows: he must be an adult Christian who is religious ­ preferably a priest ­ and he must be gentle and shy ­ which attests to the quality of his blood ­ and not sexually active. Similarly, he must be a friend of the Jews, so that the blood will not be contaminated by hatred for them. The slaughtering of the victim is entrusted to a group of 7 Jews, of whom at least one must be a rabbi.

I had thought that the matter of Jewish matza mixed with blood was a fabrication, but the shocking thing is that it is a fact, a fact which has been proved in some 400 cases which have become known, while the number of cases that have not been revealed is far higher. It was in this framework that the Jews slaughtered a young Egyptian girl in 1881 in Port Said." (IMRA)

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