Israel: The Palestinians Have
Anti­Tank Guns in Violation
of the Accords

By Yaakov Galanti

During the course of the three­way summit meeting at Erez, Israel gave the Americans a list of weapons which the Palestinian Authority (PA) has in its possession in violation of the Oslo Accords. Israel is demanding that these weapons be collected immediately and transferred to the Americans for destruction.

The list was prepared by Israeli intelligence. Security sources say that the weapons included on the list indicate that the Palestinian Authority is intensively preparing for a military clash with Israel, after they learned the lessons of the Western Wall tunnel unrest two years ago.

According to the list, the Palestinians have thousands of pistols, assault rifles and sub­machine guns in excess of what is permitted under the accords, as well as an unknown number of heavy machine guns and light ammunition.

The PA also has weapons which it is forbidden to possess under the accords, such as thousands of hand grenades and anti­personnel mines, a number of mortars, thousands of kilograms of explosives, hundreds of grenade launchers, dozens of R.P.G.s and Lau anti­tank missiles and even a number of anti­aircraft and anti­helicopter guns.

Security sources expressed concerns that the PA has begun to manufacture weapons, after they recently passed a law permitting this in violation of the agreements.

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