Letter to the Editor Printed in the Montreal Gazette, December 24, 1998


By Dan Nimrod

Having read that U.S feminists are outraged about the impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton, I believe that those self-serving moralists ought to be put on the carpet. It was bad enough that during all these months U.S. feminists were playing dead on the most celebrated case of sexual harassment by a notorious president who treats women like disposable diapers. Now the same feminists have elevated hypocrisy to a new height by coming out of their closet in the defence of this sexual predator. The Democrats are surely scraping the bottom or the barrel to save their golden boy from utter disgrace.

Furthermore, the Democratic defenders of the president would have us believe that the whole issue is about an extra-marital affair between two consenting adults which is neither legal nor an impeachable offence. This reasoning is highly flawed. The real issue is about an American president lying under oath to a grand jury, to his presidential aides, to his own family, to a congressional inquiry and to the entire nation for a period of seven months.

The argument that President Clinton has been elected twice and that he continues to enjoy a high degree or popular support is totally irrelevant in this case. Fortunately, the United States is still a country where the law reigns supreme, where even a highly popular president is held accountable to the nation's constitution, which he had sworn to uphold.

Let us hope that the Republican congressmen and senators will not succumb to the scare tactics disseminated by the Democrats that the pro-impeachment Republican camp will eventually pay a heavy price on election day. Since when do Democrats give a hoot about Republicans losing an election anyway?

It is this cynicism that will, I hope, strengthen the resolve of Democrats and Republicans to vote based on what is morally right instead of on what is politically correct.


Dan Nimrod

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