As democracies are committed to do on a periodic basis, Israel will hold new elections on May 17th. Like all Israeli elections, the issues are being obscured and personalities have become paramount. It is way too early for me to give an intelligent analysis of platforms and prospects of the many parties and contenders for the office of Prime Minister. I hope that in the February issue of THE MACCABEAN I will be able to do so.

I would just like to give the reader a very general caution about judging candidates. The so-called centrist parties are apparently left-parties with a new public relations spin. Some so-called right-wing parties fail by most right-wing criteria. The Likud has become a center-left party, though many of its followers are in the Nationalist Camp.

Labor and Meretz have become surrogate Arab parties and this is proven daily by the support they get from Arab voters. By the way, Israel's Arab voters are not supporters of the 'Zionist entity' called Israel. They support 'Palestine.' Paul Eidelberg, one of Israel's most brilliant political/legal thinkers, has said of this phenomenon that democracy is not meant to be a suicide pact. I agree completely with him.

The important thing to remember at this critical time is the following: What you will be hearing from now until the elections will be primarily smoke and mirrors. The truth will be well hidden from view. Candidates will make promises they never intend to keep and party platforms will be a joke. American consultants like that rabid attack dog, James Carville, will try to spread muck and slime over the opposition candidates. I doubt that we will witness any dignity or intelligence in the campaign. There will be few if any discussions of the very serious issues facing Israel.

One could easily give in to despair....but we won't! THE MACCABEAN will be there and will continue to discuss REAL issues that affect the survival and security of Israel.


The many statements by the Netanyahu government on Palestinian and Lebanese violence remind me of the story of the little boy who is beaten by his schoolmates. "If you hit me one more time, I'll really get you back." He is hit one more time. He says: "If you hit me again, I'll really hit you back." They hit him again. He says angrily: " You better not hit me again, I will really get you then."

They hit him again and again, ad nauseam............

The boy never responds. He has no self-respect. No pride. He is afraid, perhaps a coward.

I am not impressed with Netanyahu's threats against either the Palestinians or the Hizballah in Lebanon. Weakness invites aggression and Israeli behavior is the primary cause of the attacks that inevitably befall it. The Arabs are no more to blame than a wolf that dines on sheep. It is their nature to attack Jews.

The fault lies with the Jewish leadership that has made self defense a crime. The fault lies with those who make pronouncements instead of taking action. The fault lies with those who show fear in the face of the enemy. Indeed, the fault lies with those who fail to recognize the enemy.

I grew up on tales of heroic Israelis defending their right to Eretz Yisrael against impossible odds. Where have all my heroes gone?....


We believe that the vote was insincere, a hoax, a deception in line with the Arab strategy of trickery to achieve victory over Israel and continue the (Oslo) process leading to its destruction. Clinton is lying about what he achieved in Gaza with the same skill he lied about Monica.

If Arafat sprouted wings, became as pious as a choir boy, and angels danced on his shoulders, I would still oppose giving him one inch of Eretz Yisrael.

...............Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

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