By Richard H. Shulman


A delegation from the ADL called upon Arafat in Judea­Samaria. He warmly shook each member's hand (Jewish Week, 12/11, p.35). The PA is the world's most virulent center for antisemitism. By what conceit does ADL imagine that it can deal with Arafat or that he will stop working to destroy Israel? Has ADL insufficient sense to realize that it is pronouncing him kosher?

While ADL delegates were shaking Arafat's hand, Arafat's henchmen were stoning or shooting Jews. In my time I have shoveled cow dung; I sooner would handle honest manure than shake Arafat's hand. But it would not be a phony hanging back such as Ariel Sharon's, when he refused to touch the hand into which he was pouring our patrimony at Wye.


For the fist time in three years, a Jewish delegation visited S. Arabia. ADL national director Abe Foxman returned with the message that the kingdom supports the "peace process" and would like to play a role in negotiations (Jewish Press, 12/11, p.70). There's Abe Foxman, again, associating with the most rabid antisemites, the Saudi financiers of untold killings of Jews. One wonders whether the Saudis presented Haj. Foxman with "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," as they have done with other prominent visitors, including Henry Kissinger. The British once made the mistake of letting S. Arabia serve as a facilitator in the Palestine Mandate's internal affairs. The Saudis riled the Arabs and roiled the Mandate.

As a supporter of the Oslo process, Foxman thinks he has accomplished something or at least is reporting something favorable to Israel, in relaying Saudi support for the Oslo process. Let Foxman study the ZOA compendium, "Five Years of Palestinian Arab Violation of the Oslo Accords." From it, he could infer that Oslo is the Arabs' prelude to war.

Oslo meshes with Arafat's phased plan for the conquest of Israel. It's is an odd 'peace process" in which Israel keeps talking about ending violence and the Arabs keep accelerating violence.

The Saudis never veered from supporting Muslim insurgents throughout the world, particularly foes of Israel. What is Foxman dong with those enemies of our people?


The Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Islamic Center of Southern California have drafted a joint statement with the L.A. division of ADL and the L.A. Jewish Federation Council. The statement suggests how to conduct public discussions on the Mid­East. They plan to send the statement to national Jewish organizations for endorsement.

ZOA urges Jewish organizations to refrain from signing it. Reason: Both US Muslim organizations demonize Israel, support violence against Israel, and publicly defended a Holocaust­denier, Roger Garaudy. ZOA Pres. Morton A. Klein said that both support Hizbullah. Hizbullah is on the official US State Dept. list of terrorist organizations for its activity in Lebanon (Jewish Press, 12/11, p.28).

Why is ZOA's reason germane? First, joint work would help the Muslim organizations into legitimate circles and get favorable publicity. Second, when ADL has to oppose those organizations as antisemitic or as unfairly anti­Zionist, the organizations would feign indignation and protest that the ADL had just worked together with them in recognition of their being acceptable. They would argue, "Surely the ADL wouldn't associate with antisemitic organizations!" It is a persuasive argument.

Foxman's recent outbursts against dissenting Jews and his anti­Pollard and other anti­Israeli idiosyncrasies are becoming more than embarrassments. They are ruining the once stalwart defender of Jewish rights, the Anti­Defamation League.


The Holocaust is only tangentially related to the Arab­Israel conflict. However, Mr. Foxman revealed the same psychological outlook over the Holocaust as over the Arab­Israel conflict. His recent reaction on "60 Minutes" to the controversy over compensation for Holocaust survivors, therefore, was most instructive. It is true, as he testified, that monetary negotiations are preoccupying discussion of the Holocaust, now. (I think that is temporary.) Foxman objected that antisemites describe that as mercenary. He denied that one can compensate monetarily anyone who suffered through the Holocaust. I rue a certain Jewish organization's arrogating to itself the recovered inheritances of Holocaust survivors and their heirs.

On "60 Minutes," someone refuted Foxman's view of the money. It is not compensation but reparation. It is not to undo the crimes but to recover what was stolen from our people. Therefore it is a measure of justice whose neglect would compound the original crime. There should be some penalty exacted from those institutions which profited from our people's discomfit and even pried loose their savings. We cannot let them get away with those thefts. In my opinion, justice requires that reparations should be not the current value of the Jews' inheritances but a punitive value. Of course, there is no chance of imposing punitive damages.

It was wrong of the world to keep silent during the original crimes. It would be wrong to keep silent during this opportunity for reparations. It would be wrong to forego this deterrent effect of pursuing the thieves and making them disgorge their loot. Silence now would forfeit the opportunity to teach how pervasive was the evil then. Such lessons might give people an inkling that this evil has not been eradicated, not from Russia, not from the State Dept., and not from jihad.

Does it have to be from the Anti­Defamation League, of all authoritative voices, that one is told that Jews should conduct themselves to please anti-Semites? Note that the same thread of appeasement runs through the relations of ADL and of many other prominent Jews with our Arab enemies!

To summarize, one wonders if Foxman's "ADL" stands for Arab Defamation League.

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