By Emanuel A. Winston

Yassir Arafat is presumably in Washington to discuss receiving more money from Bill Clinton and the other Donor Countries. But. according to reliable sources in Washington, there is another, more important (dangerous/sinister) reason for his visit. The Donors' Conference is merely a partial smoke screen to begin the campaign to push Israel to the 1948 borders ­ called Auschwitz borders by ultra­Dove Abba Eban.

In addition to seeking money, his mission is to request Clinton's backing for a Palestinian State, with modified borders based upon the 1947 Partition Plan. The game plan is to ask for the 1947 borders to start the Israelis negotiating at point zero (the 1947 borders) and then give up some demands to settle finally for the pre­1967 borders and "a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as the capital of that State and only that State" as Arafat proclaims often. It seems that all of this has already been worked out with the Clinton Administration, American Arabists in the State Department and, very likely, with the covert guidance and input of Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin.

In the interim, the Wye Memorandum has wreaked havoc among the Israelis as they are prodded by Clinton/Albright to give up more and more defensive borders, water resources, and holy sites. Settlements are being surrounded with electric fences that do not include as yet undeveloped land zoned for each settlement, tank traps, watch towers, bulletproof windows on homes, school buses and cars...etc. and so on. Is this Peace?

In further collaboration, we observe Syria's Hafez al Assad giving the "Green Light" to Hezb'Allah to step up their terror operations which have killed 7 Israeli soldiers in Lebanon within the past month. We also see the EU (European Union) led by France and England contrive further pressure on Israel to give up the Golan Heights to Syria, including its high ground observation positions along with 40% of its water.

The correlation between Clinton, a hostile State Department, the Arabs and the EU will become a classic study for students of geo­politics. The reduction in Israel's land mass will result in a nation that must disappear as her already tiny land is reduced below critical mass. This is intended by the various world leaders, so that the Arabs can complete their take­over in their next assault. Israel's leaders have hopelessly agreed to the dissolution of the State as instructed by a US President who is clearly linked to Arab powers.

Will Bill Clinton be rewarded with a high paying executive position with an oil company plus numerous high paying board memberships? This is something to be watched. Betraying an ally cannot come cheap. Also, look for some of the $400 million in US taxpayers dollars to Arafat to be re­cycled back as political campaign contributions.

Will the Republican Congress step in to defend Israel? Possibly not, given Bibi's bone­headed agreement to the Wye summit, short weeks before November elections which effectively increased support for Clinton and certain Democrats. Arafat is scheduled to meet with Rep. Bob Livingston, new speaker of the House, to request his support for a Palestinian State and the additional funding.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst & commentator and a research associate with the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.


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