By Emanuel A. Winston

CNN's Wolf Blitzer joins his CNN anchors in misstating the facts so they jibe with the story being put out by a President who, as always, is quite comfortable with bending the truth. Blitzer: "Palestinian leaders and factions are gathered here at Shawwa Center to vote on canceling the PLO Covenant." The lady anchor announces: "The President is visiting 'Palestine' today." Walter Rogers says: A Palestinian taxi driver said: "We used to burn these [American flags]." Rogers said with emphasis: "The implications are tremendous. I talked to a Western Diplomat intimately connected with the Israeli/Palestinian Peace Process. President Clinton's visit here moves US to within inches of recognition of a Palestinian State. Clinton and Albright deny this visit is to encourage a Palestinian State but the symbolism is enormous."....according to Rodgers.

The fact is that the so­called leaders who packed the Shawwa Auditorium cannot legally cancel the Covenant and they are not leaders in any sense. Their orders come from one man: Yassir Arafat. They will do as they are told. Clinton knows this, as does Netanyahu. These so­called Palestinian leaders will be told to raise their hands to ratify a letter approved by the Palestinian Executive Committee affirming that some paragraphs in the PLO Covenant have been canceled. This is not a legal vote, therefore, the PLO Covenant calling for Israel's destruction is still operative, binding ­ and still incites Arabs to murder Jews.

The week before Clinton and the American delegation arrived, over 500 members of various terrorist and PLO­sanctioned groups did meet in Gaza regarding the Charter. Members of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP. DFLP and other groups declared their opposition to the Wye River Accord with Israel and the ratification of the amendments to the Palestinian National Charter. (AP, JERUSALEM POST, JORDAN TIMES)

The original Covenant was voted into existence in 1964 (before the 1967 Six Days War) by 500 Arabs, many of whom were considered leaders in the Arab world. Religious Muslims voted the equivalent of a religious "Fatwa" which calls for Israel's destruction. (Think about the unremitting nature of the "Fatwa" issued against Salman Rushdie by Iran's Ayatollahs who still refuse to rescind this officially sanctioned death sentence ­ despite pleas from England, America and other nations..)

Clause 33 of the Covenant says it can only be changed or canceled by a by majority vote of the full 500 man body of the Palestinian National Council. Only 23 members of the Palestinian National Council applied for visas to come to Gaza. And in their own words: The people gathered in the Shawwa Auditorium on December 14 have been instructed to raise their hand, providing a well­planned show for the Clinton and the Western media.

Regrettably, there is no substance to the pledge to cancel this deadly Covenant. If one studies Koranic law, you will find passages that allow ­ even command ­ a Muslim to lie or trick any infidel with pledges of a peace treaty until they have sufficient strength to come back in force to kill the enemy. Yassir Arafat, speaking in Arabic, often calms his audience by telling them to be patient because he is following the example of Mohammed's Treaty of Hudaibiya with the Koreish tribe. Here Mohammed made a peace agreement with the Jewish Koreish tribe of Mecca in 628 CE who refused to accept his leadership and convert to Islam. In 2 years he returned with a strong army and slaughtered the Koreishi tribe and conquered Mecca. Arafat first revealed his obeisance to this Islamic principle in Johannesburg, May 10, 1994 when he said: "I'm not considering it [Oslo] more than the agreement which has been signed in 628 CE between the prophet Mohammed and the tribe of Koreish."

So, when Arafat tells his fellow Muslims that they are not to worry about his agreements with Israel...everyone understands ­ except the Jews.

As for canceling the Covenant, it is now irrelevant. The Covenant was a teaching outline for every terrorist group, every terrorist nation. It is the equivalent to a Bible in every Muslim home. In fact, Arafat has said that he will cancel the Covenant when the Jews cancel their Torah. Even if everyone in this hall raises his hand ­ even if Israel accepts this as a sufficient legal method of canceling the Covenant ­ it is not so. Regrettably, Israeli Jews wallow in delusion, even as a corrupt President and an International Terrorist promise better days. Scrapping the Covenant will not eliminate what has already been taught and absorbed as a mark of Arab culture. That hatred has permeated every corner of the Arab world and it no longer needs a scrap of paper called the Covenant.

Shabby theatrics put on with instigation of Clinton's State Department and Arafat's planners were intended to offer the illusion that the Palestinian's will no longer follow the dictates of the Covenant calling for the destruction of Israel. That illusion will be shattered by more killings and denials by the authorities who first signed the Covenant and then refused to return to cancel it. Sadly, the Israelis have simply stopped thinking for themselves, as they surrender their sovereignty.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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